FW Clarification on Gates / Gate Guns / Stations / CONCORD

(Malaus Kahn) #1

I am newish to FW, question about enemies in hi-sec systems.

Say an enemy Minmitar FW militia is flying around in a border system that is hi-sec, a system for my side, Amaar. Can I just attack at any time? Will the gate guns light me up if I attack first?

Likewise, when I do a FW mission that takes me deep into enemy Minmatar territory, can anyone on the opposition FW militia attack me with impunity, even in front of stations or gates?

How about low-sec?

Thanks for answers!

(Kalaratiri) #2

Being in a militia puts you at “war” with the 2 opposing militias. As you are Amarr, this means Minmatar and Gallente. The war mechanics are exactly the same for FW as they are in a corporate declared war.

You can attack and be attacked in Highsec, gate guns won’t shoot you in lowsec (as long as you’re engaging war targets); basically combat can begin with impunity between any members of opposing militias in any space.

(Malaus Kahn) #3

Good to know, thx :slight_smile: Will gate guns shoot me if I engage first (or respond) in hi-sec?

(Kalaratiri) #4

Nope. You’re at war. Combat is allowed in all space. You can engage first, and gateguns won’t shoot them for attacking you.

However in hostile FW highsec, NPC police will spawn to shoot pilots who shouldn’t be there. They don’t do lots of dps, but they’ll easily ■■■■ up a frigate.

(Nou Mene) #5

Ok, so CONCORD gateguns wont shoot, but faction ones will?

(Kalaratiri) #6

As far as I’m aware, gateguns only activate for illegal acts. As you are at war, engaging isn’t illegal. So gateguns should never get involved with militia v militia combat.

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