Got in A High Sec Fight

I don’t understand something. There was a fight in high sec I was involved in where my corporation was told to just throw bodies at the enemy. But the enemy was not at war with my corporation. My corp was doing a favor for another corp. So we were told to warp in and shoot or jam anyone on the other side who was suspect, which turned out to be 75% of the enemy and almost everyone on my own side. I said I didn’t know who to shoot, and they said go for Munins because we didn’t have any friendly ones. I really don’t get it. I thought interfering with a war was a criminal act in high sec, so everyone in my corp should have been barred from shooting. But almost everyone on both sides were suspect, so targets were available. And the guy in our corp who understood this and instructed us is really busy and doesn’t have time to explain. This isn’t some operational secret, the fight was public. I don’t understand how a fight broke that turned people suspect since the corps at war should have limited engagement timers with each other and be allowed to freely shoot each other. I also don’t understand why anyone in our corp thought we would be able to do anything useful since we were not at war with the people we were trying to shoot.

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Your alliance, Manifesto., is allied with Absolute Will in a war with Fraternity.

FYI: Check your Alliance, War History.

you would be surprised as to the effect of even unfocused E-war.

now sadly you don’t give enough information for me to tell you why there were so many suspects but how HS works is you can shoot anyone who is suspect and there will be no consequences from CONCORD

We were told “uhhh, get something in optimal range.” So yeah unfocused.

I was like “I can’t actually use Hypnos Compact Signal Distortion Amplifiers (which was in the ships he gave us), I’m just going to get my in corvette and try to keep you guys alive”

Turns out not to matter, since apparently we’re at war with Fraternity and they are legal targets. Not that I knew that since despite my overview being set to flag anyone we’re at war with, it didn’t show up as as war.

And the guy who summoned us had assumed we were not at war, which makes me wonder how he thought we could even do anything to help.

I think there is some disorganization. Most of us who showed up didn’t know we were at war. We were also supposed to help our allies in a fight that would break out in JIta, except the fight took place in a separate constellation in the staging area instead of Jita where we were all told we’d go to.

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I think you have a very good understanding of why I don’t like the rules about fighting and wars in Eve.
They are utterly absurd in my opinion and I actually am starting to understand why they exist.
Understanding in this case makes it worse.

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They exist since EVE is fundamentally about PVP. Even quiet industry jobs like mining support the core game. Or did you mean you are starting to understand why players use wars not why the devs allowed them.

Sounds like a case of the blind leading the blind…


Neither, I’m talking about when you are allowed to fight and when you are not, when you get Concorded and when you don’t, how wars work vs how they should work and all the rules and hoops you have to jump through just right in order to do any of it. I think it’s absurd, and I’m tired of trying to explain just the little I know about it to people who have been playing for ten years (or more) longer than I have.
Trying to explain it to new people is pointless, I don’t even bother anymore.
Here’s an example, someone started shooting at me once in highsec, I was in a small fleet with some friends and one of them tried to help me by shooting the person who was trying to kill me.
My fleet mate got Concorded, the person who was shooting at me flew away and came back a short time later in another ship and tried again, neither I nor the person shooting at me got Concorded.
I still don’t know why, all three of us, meaning my fleet mates and I , had our safety set to green, and while I managed to live through it and kill a bunch of the other guys drones it just pissed me off.
We went over everything that happened and none of it made any sense.
This doesn’t encourage anyone to get into PvP, quite the opposite, the rules stop it long before it starts.
I’m still learning it, but I’m doing it by myself because the ■■■■■■■ rules make it so that if I have anyone with me they might die for no reason to concord which I don’t think should even exist at this point.

in all seriousness you may want to look for another corp. Your experience in eve is heavily dependent on the corp you’re in and their leadership.

There are some that are much better at managing new players and there are those that just use new players irregardless of the impact it has on the new players experience.

this shouldn’t really be the case if you are running things for newbros. I had a newbro alliance of over 400 back in 2013-2016 and i was never too busy to explain something.

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I’m having fun anyways.

well that’s the main goal. lol

Bluelysian#1484 . This my discord… I do fallow your posts and so many of them also good examples for other new pilots too… And creates very informative threads. Thank you for contributing … If you have any questions around solo /small gang PVP, fittings mechanics and need practice for manual piloting and some strategy and skills or just talk around things to develop better understanding please don’t hesitate to write to me … I like your attitude and curiosity … I might also pitch you with someone to make practice together i and i can supervise … this is personal open invitation for supervision and stabile dialogue. Again this is not Corp or aliance … and I have nothing to with that

You were allies with Absolute Will vs Fraternity so their munins were valid targets for you. Frat had a 380 man fleet (munins, scimitars and so on) on grid to take down a Azbel belonging to Absolute Will which they failed to do.

We were there fighting Fraternity with a fleet of cerbs as well defending the structure. The system ended with about 700 pilots on grid fighting on the Piak gate and at the structure.

People go suspect when they loot things from yellow cans or it sounds like you overview was a bit messed up. Especially if all the munins were flashing yellow. Check you overview or ask your FC or alliance mates for a proper overview.

That I understood now.

Hey man, just the will to fight and die is needed. Thats good on you. I’d take a dude willing to suit up in a corvette and fight over peeps who only want a perfect ship fit before they fight.

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up for some fun please confirm ?

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Hope Snuffed Out hires my corp one day when we become big

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hahahaha ok

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