Friendly Fire in Alliances

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I was reading up on high-sec security responses and see that if you’re in a corp with friendly fire, you can fight your own corp members and CONCORD will not respond. So clearly this means that people in these corporations can test fits against their friends while still getting used to controls in the games.

If I were to join an alliance, would the same rules apply, or are alliances automatically “Friendly Fire Off” in High-Sec? I was trying to do some research on this but couldn’t find any information and don’t wanna get ganked in high-sec while trying out fits. Thanks!

Only the corp settings apply, there is no friendly fire setting (either on or off) for alliances.

So even if two corps in an alliance are set to friendly-fire on, someone from corp A can’t shoot corp B because they are different corps.

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Friendly fire is quite useful for teaching tackling and other ewar tactics, because “fire” does not necessarily mean “shooting” :wink:
If you want to do some training with a char who’s not in your corp, you can invite to and accept a duel, so there is no CONCORD interference either.

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or train on sisi the test server

Thank you guys! Appreciate the feedback - if I opt to stay in high-sec, this is really good information to have. And I didn’t know dueling was a thing, Boldly Gone! And that’s a pretty solid way to test, Wyk.

All this feedback is wonderful. Thank you all very much. :slight_smile:

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