Wh corp

<color=0xffffffff>Looking for
<color=0xbfffffff>Exploration, <color=0xbfffffff>Small-Scale Gangs, <color=0xbfffffff>Trade, <color=0xbfffffff>Mining, <color=0xbfffffff>Research, <color=0xbfffffff>Manufacturing, <color=0xbfffffff>New-Pilot Friendly

<color=0xffffffff>Minimum Skill Points Requirement

<color=0xffffffff>Friendly Fire

WTF is this?

He tried to color his text but is unaware how that works :smile: He has also set friendly fire to illegal, one assumes to attract new players who will not understand how completely pointless that is in wormhole space. I’m not even totally sure this guy understands how WH space works :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Is this how Rogue Drones are going to infiltrate us?


Sorry for being off topic, but I am not a WH player and like to know why it’s pointless to set friendly fire to illegal for corps in wormhole space?

Friendly fire is a high sec mechanic. If friendly fire is on, you can shoot your corpmates in high sec without concord intervention. (Useful for example for webbing your freighters into warp or practice fights without duels…)

There is no concord outside of high sec, so the friendly fire mechanic is meaningless there.

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Ahh, I see. Thanks for clarification :+1:

Are you looking for a WH Corp? Or looking for players for YOUR WH Corp? Hard to understand your post…

Shhhh, keep silence they are looking to find you’re location.

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It is fine. There is nobody in local. I think this system is empty.


Must to safe then to AFK Mine, right?

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It seems like you do not understand this aspect of wormholes. In wormholes, local chat does not show who is in the system, unless they say something in the chat. In order to determine if the system is empty, you have to scan for active POS, and ships, and look for upwell structures.

Hope this helps.

I think that post was ironic…




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