Rusty returner looking for wormhole corporation

Hi all,

I’ve come back to the game after a very long break, my character has 26 mil SP mostly in combat skills. Upon returning I really like the idea of wormhole space and so I’m looking for a wormhole corporation. To be honest I am very rusty, the game is very different to compared to when I last played it but I want to learn. I am a mature player mostly on late evenings British time.


Hi Saphire,

I’m not the recruiter for my corp as such, but please do have a look at the corp and mail the recruiters for a chat. We should have everything you are looking for.

Corra 0/

Ok thanks! I will check it out later :slight_smile:

If your still looking for a corp think about the following: Ever been the only active Pilot on at a given time? Inactive corp Problems? Want to experience Wormhole Living? Come be an intergal Part of the Thirteenth Empire< . Active Corp. Helpful Members, New Pilot Friendly.

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