Returning Player LF Wormhole Corp

(Hodgey) #1


I’m looking for a C5/C6 wormhole corp with an active group of people. This character can currently fly a Revelation (Amarr Dread 2, willing to train higher). All T2 guns and a solid fit. Also training into Paladin here soon so I can hopefully run solo sites eventually.

I was in a wormhole corp a while back when I used to play, and I remember a few things.

Please post your adverts below! Would love to chat on Discord.

(dewk) #2

Hi Hodgey

Sorry don’t bother with the adverts, just offer the chance to meet corp members in chat and see if theres a click between the two.
If you have questions about the corp you can ask away. But we have everything you’re asking for, and more.

Message/mail me in game.

(system) #3

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