Wh-Drama Incoming - Pay for it!

(Crime time) #1

o/Crime Time

(Elementatia) #2

Summertime BBQ is over. Now let us grill other stuff!

(Yodik) #3

baby dont hurt me.

(Serg Sinist) #4

I’m still waiting when HC invades to another powerbloc, like LZHX/HK, Sound etc…

But I see that corp goes do, what another blobs doing: rolling, search crabs, roll again with small chances opens to another blobs.

Then what your blob is better HK, LZHX or another blob?

"They try to invade us"
Ok, what we do?

  • Destroy enemy sytems, who goes invade us? Or maybe go engage whcfc?
  • No! Go roling C5 and kill every crabs :smiley: And destroy crab systems without givng chance, coup de grace weak (which goes) pvp corporations (french corp as example)…

(Crime time) #5

I guess, you were one of those crap systems. If you have no clue about wormholes, just stay silent. Go back to your C2. I remember 2 days ago, we asked for a fight. You suicide closed the wormhole. I fleer at people like you.

And as far as LZHX and HK are concerned, we are not always the best friends and we don’t have to be. But 90% there were good fights. I can remember, we were often outnumbered, but still brought the fight.

(Serg Sinist) #6

And what do you propose that others do not have?

(drykilllogik) #7

Really? What kinda killboard do you have?

(Serg Sinist) #8

I’m not write bad engrish post here If Vision Inc write like this:

Each enemy will pay for it! (WHCFC :new_moon_with_face:).

that’s good and clear.

But they write:

Every rats will pay it

What mean:

  • beating crabs? (Really crabs goes invade Vision Inc? NoobMan be afraid crabs, because that’s who exactly will destroy your Keepstar’s)
  • beating spies? Triefs?
  • wormholer’s?

(system) #9

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