LazerHawks... dont join them

just saying they seem like a nice group to game with but just after a week I sense the presence of a group trying to kill wh space in eve… and they literally said that. Trying to force ccp to make changes to wh space, etc, by forcing everyone to not wanna log in or come to wh space… they been evicting everyone they come into contact with.

now i just tried to join and wasnt accepted after a trial, with no explanation other than i failed the trail period.

Why would anyone want to join an organization like that?

fly safe! CRABS lol … they got stds.

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If true, their strategy will fail. CCP doesn’t seem to care if no one logs into a space - they only care if players are making too much isk there.

Lazerhawks are too busy running their rental empire. They want more people in WH space as that means more rent for them.

Along with HK they have the rental market sewn up.

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Drama on Wheels

@Imustbecomfused. Your name is just oh so perfect. GL out there man, keep your chin up.

After talking with an ex lzhx member the day I made the post, it all made sense.

I love this name, Chris… lol thanks for sharing man. :stuck_out_tongue: cheers.

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