Is this now the attitude of Corp recruiters?

Hello All,

Totally alpha new, only about 6 months in, and overall enjoying the Eve experience. Having fun and decided to apply to a small lowsec Corp. When asked why I applied, I explained what I was looking for. Without further questions, I was called a liar, etc. If I would have been asked further, I would have explained that a former member had attempted to recruit me when I was in middle of my first SOE Arc.

So yeah, like the title of my post goes. In dealing with RL, I h@ve little time nor patience for childish subterfuge. If this is how folks act on here, then enjoy your warm brews. I can stay solo, and my field of F@*$ can remain barren.

Shoving off

Lowsec tends to be were a lot of the vile filth of EVE collects.

Then again, that corp maybe has heard your story about why you apply and what you are looking for in the past and got hit hard by a corp thief or awoxer or something like that and is now very cautious with people who present this kind of story. This is the other side of EVE and you better accept it because it is the direct consequence of the “fun parts” of EVE. :wink: This has nothing to do with vile filth, it is just what EVE is. I mean, just look at the first responder to your topic: Generalization without context while she herself is part of a very special group of characters. :innocent:

How many Corps did you try to join ? Just the one was it ?

Oh, I’m very much over this. I figured someone may have tried to infiltrate or disrupt their Corp. But, my way to flush out trash would be to have a deep Q&A. Regardless, I wish them well. They would have been my first and only app.

I have decided to make a short list, from reading recruitment posts, Reddit, and from people who are really good at podding my T1 ships :stuck_out_tongue:


Alpha clone after six months you say?

You seem really commited…

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