The Misguided. Lowsec/0.0 alliance Looking for Corps

We are Recruiting corps.

We operate in Querious.

Who do we look for? Well…

New players. Yes, new players! No SP border! Why so? Because we have lots of experienced players within us, we can and, what is more important, we like to share our experience with others.

Industrialists. We want to have a strong core of all types of players inside our alliance. At this point we don’t care about your experience or passion in that kind of career. Experience will come, passion would become your second nature.

PvP players. There is no point of having ships if no one wants to use them,. Again, we don’t care about your experience we can help with that.

PvE players. Mining sites won’t be cleared by themself, would they? Combat sites need to be cleared at some point as well. Deal with the Rat Menace.

All that being said, We are looking for friendly players that respect our main rule. Don’t be a Dick. We expect a level of maturity from everyone however in hearts we are all kids.

As an Alliance we recruit corporations of all sizes and that are into all aspects of eve. The only thing we require corps is to be apart of the alliance and grow with us.

Join us for the fun in Nullsec Warfare.

And remember,

Not Until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.

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Genuine query as interested - how do you manage the industrial side of things living in QFC which as I understand it is encouraged small-medium gang roam territory ?


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