Elemental tide Wants PVP corp's

We operate.

Our null-sec base is located in Tenerifis. Good spots to mine rare ice and kill tasty angels are waiting for you!

Who do we look for? Well……

New players. Yes, new players! No SP border! Why so? Because we have lots of experienced players among our ranks, we can and, what is more important, we like to share our experience with others. You can become anyone with us! Don’t miss that chance!

Industrialists. We want to have a strong core of that kind of players inside our alliance. At this point we don’t care about your experience or passion in that kind of career. Experience will come, passion would become your second nature.

PvP players. There is no point of building ships if no one wants to use (lose) them, is there? Again, we don’t care about your experience, only your desires to become glorious/honorable/fearless/notorious…. you name it

PvE players. Ice sites won’t clear themselves alone, would they? Combat sites need to be cleared at some point as well.

That being said, we are looking for friendly and mature players. We do understand that EvE is just a game and we all have families/studies/work etc. You can expect from us RL first attitude with no exception, we expect politeness and sense of humour. (psss, drunk fleets still exists)

For miners, we provide either ore and ice buy back program or we can teach you how to build stuff from it.
If you want to take a part in alliance pvp ops we would give you a ship. Alliance doctrines are set and even newbie can join pure pvp in a few hours!
Our home down in null we will provide ships for all kinds of activities, so there would be no need of bringing procurer/skiff/vni/orca through all null sec gates.

As Alliance, we recruit corporations of all size and specialization. The only mandatory thing that we ask (except your API key, of course) is willingness to grow up with alliance. So no one-man corporations for now, unfortunately (but you can join with your own corporation and grow up inside our ranks!). Also, pop up from time-to-time in ts. We do want to know each other and have fun together :

If you are single pilot but still want to join us, we have a few corporations to join:

Join Mentl Public


Good guys, decent pilots, not afraid to fight! Friendly bump


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Top bunch, trust worthy, skilled and welcoming. Operating with these guys is a real pleasure.

Cant recommend them more for professionalism and a great environment.


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