[LORDE] - null sec alliance for you!

We are back!
New chapter of our history begins here and now and you can ride the wave with us from the very beginning!


We operate all over New Eden:

  • Our high-sec base is located in Gamis. It is silent 0.5 sec system with ice/ore belts in and profitable agents nearby. It is a good spot for new players to start their own careers as a miners and/or industrialists!

  • Our null-sec base is located in Tenerifis. Good spots to mine rare ice and kill tasty angels are waiting for you! Fast respond from standing fleet included! No dead Rorquals! :slight_smile:

  • As a bonus we have more than 10 friendly wormholes to explore, opened for everyone!

Who do we look for? Well…

  • New players. Yes, new players! No SP border! Why so? Because we have lots of experienced players among our ranks, we can and, what is more important, we like to share our experience with others. You can become anyone with us! Don’t miss that chance!

  • Industrialists. We want to have a strong core of that kind of players inside our alliance. At this point we don’t care about your experience or passion in that kind of career. Experience will come, passion would become your second nature.

  • PvP players. There is no point of building ships if no one wants to use (lose) them, is there? Again, we don’t care about your experience, only your desires to become glorious/honorable/fearless/notorious…. you name it

  • PvE players. Ice sites won’t clear themself alone, would they? Combat sites need to be cleared at some point as well.

That being said, we are looking for friendly and mature players. We do understand that EvE is just a game and we all have families/studies/work etc. You can expect from us RL first attitude with no exception, we expect politeness and sense of humour. (psss, drunk fleets still exists)

For miners, we provide either ore and ice buy back program or we can teach you how to build stuff from it. We have few guys who run Rorqual boost fleets. You can join them or bring your one!
If you want to take a part in alliance pvp ops we would give you a ship. Alliance doctrines are set and even newbie can join pure pvp in a few hours!
We have good amount of activities inside. We are currently working on our SOV space and once we are done we are going to establish fun roams in both null and low sec, smartcamps, ceptor roams etc

As Alliance, we recruit corporations of all size and specialization. The only mandatory thing that we ask (except your API key, of course) is willingness to grow up with alliance. So no one-man corporations for now, unfortunately (but you can join with your own corporation and grow up inside our ranks!). Also, pop up from time-to-time in ts. We do want to know each other and have fun together :slight_smile:

If you are single pilot but still want to join us, we have 4 corporations to join:

  • Lord of Worlds

  • Orbital Web Labs - Also recruits danish players.

  • New Eden’s Medical Laboratory

  • VLKRE (at the very least 20kk sp to join them)

                  Join us today and make yourself a part of our history!

Come join us today!

Still opened!

Make yourself a part of our history today!

Join us today!

We have space to mine and ratt, come join us!

Still opened!

Come join us today!

Still opened!

Join us today!

Some updates are coming up soon! We are not in a drone region anymore, we moved out to other null sec systems. Come join us there!

Looking for alliance for your corporation? Say no more! join us!

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Still opened!

well I am interested, even stopped by the recruitment channel… people in channel but no one talked when I tried.

I saw you there and tried to start chat by myself but you didn’t response. It is better to chat either with me via mail or with Evertrader via mail as well. I am not home but i will be online near 18 ET. You can drop me a mail or i will do it when come online :slight_smile:


Still opened!

Come join us today!

Lking for a good comunity and null sec life? Join us!

C’mon, we are still opened!