Lazerhawks [LZHX] - C5 WH PvP Corp


(The Salt Lord) #1

Lazerhawks is recruiting! :tada:

We are looking for active players across all timezones, who are primarily focused on PvP.

Our simple requirements ask that applicants have at least ONE Cruiser V, and a second USEFUL account.
A well skilled scanner is highly recommended.

If you are interested in applying, or wanting to know more - join our in-game pub chat: LZHX

Dinkler Presenting At Fanfest 2017
Basi’s Youtube Channel
Zack’s Youtube Channel

. . .

Mail “ChrisLCTR” for free vouch
Mail “ksig cook” for free couch


(The Salt Lord) #2

Recruitment still open!

(The Salt Lord) #3

The bumping shall continue until we have too many recruits (or i get bored :3)

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Get bumped!

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+1 Bump

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To the top!

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Bump for AU bros

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More dudes!

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Apply now! Make more work for our ROs.

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AUTZ best tz

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More dudes!

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We shoot things… :slight_smile:

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Mail ksig for free vouch

(Rain6637) #14

lol. So just curious, what’s considered a useful second account?

(The Salt Lord) #15

Decent skilled scanner, pvp alt of some kind, etc.

+1 bump

(Rain6637) #16

Do you hold irl meetups?

(The Salt Lord) #17

While we do not organise any meetups, some of our members do attend events such as Eve Down Under, Fanfest and other similar functions.

:bump emoji:

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(FlipMoe Squad) #19

i’ll join as meatshield…I injected 200+ injectors. Recommendations for track mark removal?

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Bump for EU/NA bros