Returning wormhole vet looking for laid back PvP corp

I’m getting back into EVE casually and have plenty of resources at my disposal. I have two toons that have over 100 mil skill points between the two and I have three years of experience running C4 pvp corps. Also have plenty of isk to burn from those years.

I have a lot going on IRL right now but am looking for a group that will be on comms when they’re on and is down to do some shooty shooty. I don’t care if you’re good, just as long as it’s fun.

I am US time zone and want to stick to wormhole space.

YOOO! Alias! Good day to you sir! Holy Hunters is currently looking for new pilots! We live in a C5/C5. We are mainly PvP focused but we have all the amenities to satisfy any kind of PvE/Indy urge you might have. Plenty of isk making to go around.

DM me in game or join our Holy Hunters Room. Our recruiters are looking forward to hearing from you!:slight_smile:

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You’ll hear from me soon, I’m going to reach out to all interested groups tomorrow morning and see if I can find a fit!

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Hello, I am a recruiter from cold pixels. I understand you are still interested in wormhole spare but have you ever consider Sov Null? If so come check us out and see if we are a good fit for you. Our timezone match perfectly and we are always in voice come over and hang out with us for a day or two and see if we match your requirements our discord is linked below.

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