Returning Player looking for a corp

I am not sure if i want to do Lowsec, Nullsec, or wormhole as its more important to have a good group of people that play when i do than location.

I focus on pvp, not a huge fan of very large fleets but will participate in important large fleets. *small gang is my preferred"
I will fly doctrine in larger fleets but prefer to do a bunch of my own random fits as finding fun fits is part of the fun of the game for me.

Possibly looking at industry as salvaging rat wrecks and non valuable items for resources and possibly build with those resources.

I have two main characters I use at the following skillpoints
Main 151M
Alt 95M

Hello buddy,

If you’re looking for an active US PVP WH corporation, please take a look at Holy Hunters. We’re creating both a fun to be on comms with and serious when there is content type of corporation.

We have a youtube with a few videos that shows who we are as a community and a zkill that shows activity .

Here is more info about us. You’re more than welcome to join our discord to chat with us :

thanks for the reply I’m going to wait till i have a few options and hear back from my previous corp leader (the corp is dead but im seeing if they all went together somewhere).
Then I can do a few meet and chats with a few corps.

That being said the kb looks good and WH corp does sound like it could be fun this time around.

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TSSOC has been around a long time, great members, living in an active area of null

come check us out!

No problemo,

We focus the corp towards having a lot of scanner when online, which leads to content. That’s the key in WH space :slight_smile:

Kivens group are a good US bunch for wormholes, our US fwiends xD

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Hi Wolfino,

If you’re potentially interested in nullsec pvp with small gang roams and gate camps in null then Scud Disposable Assassins might interest you. We’re a new PVP focused corp living in null. We’re a part of an alliance that provides us with free combat ships and an SRP program. Thus allowing our members, if they so please, to also participate in the industry aspects o the game.

If you want to learn more checkout or discord at Discord or in-game in channel -SCUD

Hi Wolfino,

Focussed on PvP. No nulll blocs. Small to medium.


o7 I think you’d make a good addition to our strong core please feel free to read my linked post below and have a good day :slight_smile:

We are starting a brand new HS Corp. focused on building a tight group that can fly a variety of different roles… While we build that group we will focus on harvesting WH resources flying 2 or 3 nights a week USTZ in corp provided ships for a wage. We are looking for miners (gas is key) scanners and combat pilots. The rest of the week we do w/e. casual play no fleets are required. I want you to log in cause you are excited to do something… If Your interested drop by our in game chat PR-UN. hope to hear from you
Fly safe

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