Old goat thinking the grass might have greened

I won Eve a long time ago, but miss the abuse having taken a couple year break or so. I use to like mining and some null sec and wh activities. Haven’t full decided to come back, but thinking about it. Really depends on finding a good group to join of non toxic types. Let me know if thats you and if you are active US Eastern time. Thanks!

If you’re interested in PVP and taking part in nullsec action my corp, SCUD Disposable Assassins, might be of interest to you. We’re a new corp in a new alliance based out in Syndicate space. The alliance is active with daily fleets for pvp and industrial stuff. 24/7 Standing fleets for home defense .

We’re focused on new players and returning players to help learn and re-learn the aspects of the game. We’re also looking for people interested in leadership roles.

If you’re interested our ingame channel is -SCUD or join us on Discord: SCUD Disposable Assassins

Hello buddy,

Did I hear a fun and non toxic US PVP WH time zone corp? Sounds like Holy Hunters, we’re pretty laid back while looking for content, but once we do, we become serious. However, we’re all about learning and giving constructives criticisms to improve as a group.

Please check out our youtube to get to know us, then feel free to join our discord to chat with us if interested !!!

You want a mix of whatever is available? We mine, we rat and we PVP when we want to. There’s lot of exploration sigs around us and if you’re that way inclined there’s wormhole and Pochven gangs in alliance too. The world could be your oyster (whatever the hell that means).

Faction warfare is worth coming back for!

Sounds like everyone in my corp lol

Null sec pvp corp in fade/pb/dek area

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