Looking To Start Experiencing Null Sec

Hello Everyone,

I lived Solo for much of my EVE Career and feel that I am really missing out and want experience being
part of a big group.

I am primarily a PVE player (Abyss, L4/Burner Missions, Combat/Scanning Exploration) with very little PVP experience but looking forward to learning those skills.

Please send me a message in game and perhaps we can discuss what your looking for and if our goals align.

You are welcome with us join our discord :grinning:

hey buddy,

Do you have any interest in WH PvP? We like to pew pew, without toxicity and we focus on a nice group synergy rather than player skills to make sure there is no drama or people we do not appreciate.

I have found a home thank you all for taking your time

Feel free to check us out!

Many of our best players were new to nullsec when they joined, we’d be happy to welcome those looking to try out null for the first time.

Check out our ad and drop a line into Discord if you like what you see :slight_smile:

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