Lazerhawks [LZHX] - C5 WH PvP Corp


(FlipMoe Squad) #21

Forget you then salt licker

(The Salt Lord) #22

Mail “ksig cook” for free vouch

(The Salt Lord) #23

ksig’s inbox hasn’t been filled yet… more dudes!

(FlipMoe Squad) #24

I watched some of your vids and you seem like kids in adult form. I guess people realize they’re better than basically a wh version of code. Is that why you’re desperate to recruit and get no replies?

(The Salt Lord) #25

Still recruiting

(Anomilk Dairlylover) #26

Hey champ, instructions on how to apply are given in the OP of this thread. While requirements to be considered are only skill/account based, successful applicants need to have a brain and the right attitude. Based on your posts in this thread, an actual application from you would certainly be rejected.

(FlipMoe Squad) #27

Hey champ, I don’t care. You guys are immature and it shows in your videos…I’m a man…grow up.

(The Salt Lord) #28

Still recruiting~

(The Salt Lord) #29

The bumping will continue until morale improves

(The Salt Lord) #30

Still recruiting

(The Salt Lord) #31

Still recruiting

(The Salt Lord) #32

More dudes \o/

(The Salt Lord) #33

+1 bump

(The Salt Lord) #34

Looking for more dudes

(The Salt Lord) #35

LZHX vs Holesale Come join the fun!

(The Salt Lord) #36

“Go bump thread”

. . .


(The Salt Lord) #37

Hype for AT

(The Salt Lord) #38

Still recruiting

(The Salt Lord) #39

Still looking for newbros

(The Salt Lord) #40

Come join the fun