WILDCATS - C2 Tribe Open for recruitment!

If you are looking for a Small, close, and fun Wormhole Corporation, consider joining Wess’ Wildcats.

We are a Corporation that seeks to maintain numbers around 60 active pilots that operate out of J-Space. We are a C2 with C3/H.
We can offer:

  • SRP for newbros, limited SRP for broke bitter bois; this covers you some while you learn the game and your playstyle
    -Great skill programs built-in.
    -85% Buyback program in place.
    -Chill, laid back, and humorous environment. . it’s just a game afterall!

Primarily, we are seeking pilots interested in small gang PvP fleets, krabbing wormholes, exploration, and mining.
We are a social group that likes to do things together, but are able to operate independently as well.
We don’t care about KB, so feel free to “yeet” ships into the void as you see fit.

We have a particular need for scouts/pathfinders/combat pilots/blops

Look up the corporation, join WLDCAT RECRUITING public recruitment channel in game.

Points of Contact :
Kale Wess
Kylar Nightangels
Naved dnartreb
Liora Light

If you can’t get in contact with one, please reach out to another!

Thanks, and fly dangerously friends!


Hey, how do we get hold of you? Discord etc?

Bump! Contacts are in post. Send in game mail for first contact! Still open!

Still open!

New recruit slots opened! Check thread for contact!

Bump! Contact Liora Light!

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