Wildcats looking for Strays!

Good Day o7

Our Small WH Corp Wess’ Wildcats is currently looking for new members! We are living in a C2 Wormhole, Statics to Highsec and C3. We are mainly looking for Pvp Pilots, or those interested becoming one, also for Pve and Indy pilots.

What are we looking for?

-We are mostly Casual, so we don’t need any SP requirement.

-People interested in getting into pvp! Doesn’t matter if you are experienced or not, we will learn and grow together!

-Newbro or never been in a wormhole? We will gladly show you around.

-Pve Pilots, with our static C3 theres always something to farm!

-Indys and PI Bros, we are all self sufficient so far, so we don’t ask or require anything from people who Huff their gas around our System, all you are collecting is yours!

What do we offer?

-Weekly PVE or PVP Fleets, Ratting together, Diving down the Chain, or Faction Warfare!

-Setup your PI in the system

-Pve Activitys, Mostly C3 farming, and Abyss runs together.

-We will teach you the way of Wormhole living, How to scan, How to use Pathfinder etc.

-Random Gas and Ore sites in system and nearby.

-Buyback Program, based on 85% off Jita Sell orders. Optional to participate!

What do we expect of you?

-A Chill and Mature personality, 18+ !

-Joining Discord and like to hangout in Voice atleast once in a while!

-The will to learn, to grow with us and live by our ‘rules’!

Does this sound interesting, or got any Questions? Hit me up here, find me ingame “Liora Light” or Discord Light#8616

Fly Safe, Fly Wild!

Bumperino, we still looking for new friends :slight_smile:

Bump, Still recruiting and growing <3

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