Question bout High Sec citadels

Hey guys. Quick question. If in high sec, someone starts to mine our moon chunk, what happens if I shoot them with the defences? Would Concord come after the station? How does that work??

You cannot. You can only shoot something that is at war with you. If they mine your belt, gank them or bump them or mine their roids until they give up.

I figured. Lol. Thank you for the quick reply though. :slight_smile:

You could suicide gank them.

Actually, if I’m reading the question correctly, he is asking what would happen if the station’s weapons are used on the interloping miners. Clearly, Concord would pop a ship that shoots at a ship unprovoked or without a timer, but what about a station?

Anybody know how exactly that works? Is the station prevented from locking them? Does Concord blow up the station (not sure how that would work with the reinforcement timers)?

I guess I’ve never seen this come up, so I’m honestly curious about it.

You can’t engage from the station against non legal targets

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Ah, cool- thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Judging by what everyone else is saying, the citadels have their safeties permanently on in high-sec.

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It’s even worse than that. You cannot attack suspects or criminals afaik. Only legitimate war targets.

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Gotta admit, the alternatives would be catastrophically bad. Accidentally firing on someone or something that could get you Concord’d. And watching your Trillion ISK investment pop.

Although, I’d kinda like to see whether it would spawn a fleet of Concord Marshals, or if they’ve been hiding a secret Concord Titan class. =)

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The secret trigger for the ultimate blob.

Baited on a free suspect flag (that just expired less than a second ago). :smiling_imp:

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