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So, I have been unable to find any direct answer about this elsewhere online - so I need to ask:

If the holding corp of a station is at war with another corp/alliance, and you have access to control the station, can you shoot at the people bashing the station without a Concord response?
Is there a concord response for a station firing on someone?
What are the rules & mechanics behind it, if someone not at war but with station control access, uses the station to fight off people who have declared war on the holder of the station?

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Since war mechanics are based around corp mechanics I would think that since the character’s corp is not at war, only the stations, then the character wouldn’t be able engage. I think the mechanics would block any offensive action and there wouldn’t be a CONCORD intervention.

Just a guess. Really, the best way to find out is to file a support ticket. Or test it on Sisi.

This is actually a genuinely interesting question.

The assumption would be that the “at war” station would be the “combatant” in this scenario and so the station would be fine. I don’t think the person operating it comes into the equation as that would mean that while the station would be ok, Concord would surely congregate outside waiting for you to undock in order to make you go all explody.

I would guess that if the station is owned by the war-dec’d corp and it is the one that goes on the KM anyway it would not have any connection with the char operating it.

Not sure if it helps answer the question or not (I’m not a user of Citadels): a note from one of the pages I bookmarked on Citadels says:

" The capsuleer controlling the Citadel will not receive SUSPECT or CRIMINAL flags as the Citadel’s Safety Setting is always set to Green."

I would guess EVE would treat it as “the citadel is the defender and is wardecced, thus no Concord. The person operating the defense system is not actually engaging, just serving as a target acquisition computer”.


No. You have to be at war with the attacker if you are in the gunner seat.

No. Station has no safety setting.


It does. You can see it. It is green - you just can’t change it from that (I have tried…)

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