Escaping Concord in lowsec

I was running a mission in lowsec and I was taken down by some guy in a tech III ship (I know that’s a thing, no issue here), I went on zkillboard and saw that the same guy with the same ship has been doing it all day long, so my question is: why/how didn’t NPCs take him down?
As a noob I believed in the infinite power of Concord, but I guess I am missing something

No concord in lowsec. All you have for protection there is gate and station sentry guns, that will fire on anyone attacking you illegally.

Concord only in high sec. In low sec he will get gate guns or station guns if he attacks you on a station or gate (but even that is tankable) so out in space he has free reign over shooting you.

“eve concord”

Concord doesn’t keep you from getting killed in high sec, either…

ohh, now I get it, I thought the only difference was the time it took concord to interveve. thanks!


Does he have to be in range of the station or gate at the time of the incident, or will they fire on him if he kills in space and then tries to dock or jump after?

Just be in range of them then they will fire on him, but generally you can get away from those guns… if he then returns onn grid they will NOT fire on him (that is how I believe it works).

So you undock your ship, or jump the gate… they fire on you and possibly kill you, they warp away, once they warp away that come back to station or gate and the guns will not fire on him unless he agresses again.

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That is correct - it’s always worth being aligned to somewhere at least 150 Km away from the gate before triggering the gate-guns, you may then be able to warp off before they can kill you.

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