Stargates Sentrys

Second time i get podded in a stargate in low sec.
Are not the sentry guns supposed to protect you there?

“Protect”, but not necessarily “save” you. The guns exist, but odds are good that they will not save you depending on what is attacking you and what you are flying.

CONCORD and the NPC sentries and such aren’t meant to protect, they are meant to punish.


Anyone camping a low sec gate will be set up to be able to tank the sentries. It requires a bit more effort/numbers/organisation than attacking you in deadspace, but it’s not that hard.

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you can easy tank gate and station guns … if the fight is not running toooooo long
were you entering or exiting LS?


And when you‘re a suspect (loot!), they just grab some and watch you explode.

They don’t protect anyone per say. They just shoot at those taking hostile actions near them. If they were truly were to protect you they would have remote reps or something to help you live…

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this needs to be emphasised

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not flying straight into a smart-bomb camp needs to be emphasised … :slight_smile:


to be fair, i have to consciously remind myself not to do that so its hard to hold against him.

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Thank u all
Creating tacs

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