The gate guns do nothing and you basically aren't allowed to shoot back

So I got blapped in low sec again and am salty, lol, but the weapon timer going off when you engage in self-defense is seriously bad game design. The gate guns do almost nothing, people can tank them pretty well or apparently you can warp in and out in turns to get them to stop shooting entirely. And if you open fire yourself to try and get someone who’s attacking you to bugger off, you can’t use the jump get to get to safety. I think this is dumb, the gate guns might actually do something if I added my own DPS in on top of them but if you do the gate locks on you, so you are better off not shooting back, using ECM or anything. That’s really uninteresting.

Either you don’t shoot back, take the gate and walk out of the fight, or you do commit to the fight and fire back.

It sounds like you want to be able to both fight back and still be able to take the gate at any time, and also think that gate guns are useless… have you considered playing in wormhole space? It has precisely the gate mechanics you’re asking for: no useless gate guns, and nothing stopping you from jumping through the hole even after you’ve started shooting back.

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Consider trying wormholes… they let you jump regardless if you have engaged someone or not. But you can only jump two times in a row through the same wormhole within a given time frame of a few (5?) minutes.

Other than that gate guns just help you to defend of the random attacker at a gate, they will not help you much against a well prepared group camping the gate. This is working as intended.

@Count_of_MonteCylon are we talking here about this kill mail?

If so, looks like you got victim of a well prepared camp from people who know what they are doing. But on the other side… you had no prop-mod, chances are pretty bad that you would have even managed to burn back to the gate. So the discussion we are doing here is rather theoretical.

It’s the decision you need to make, fight or flight. This has nothing to do with gate guns. Gate guns only protect you to some degree from random solo frigs tackling you at the gate. Don’t rely on it, there is more complexity to it in a real situation (pinging, point rotation, …).

Also lowsec is a free for all PvP zone, expect everybody trying to kill you with all means allowed. The desire increases with the size and potential value of your ship.

Your fit is neither prepared for escape (no MWD) nor fight (cloak, prop mod).

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I agree with you: Let’s get rid of gate guns to get rid of the false sense of security. People who think like you won’t be misled anymore.

I would rather that the gate guns be made 3 times as powerful, let gate campers have some REAL concerns when they attack people coming through… I mean that is what gate guns are FOR … right? It is their one job.

Oh, so you want safer space where there are real consequences for gate camps? I have great news for you.

What you’re looking for is available in High Sec.

The answer is not to keep making all areas of the game have God/Dev mechanics added/buffed until capsuleer pirates are no longer in the game.

You have choices in space to inhabit, please return the cries of „make space safer“ to High Sec. We don’t need 2024 Low sec to look like 2010 High Sec.

I suspect that was aimed at me. You mentioned False Sense of security. with properly strong gate guns there would no longer be a ‘false’ sense of security.

In addition instead of just a couple casual players in fast frigates and fast locking cruisers being able to lock down a gate. With much higher incoming DPS from gate guns they would have to field a properly required number of much bigger and tankier ships to prevent people from getting through a gate. In other words balance it out so casual killing is not so easy on gates, but Let gate camps be what they should be, Area denial choke points,

It will still be a false sense of security.

Instead of 1 logi alt letting them perma tank the gate guns it’ll be 2. If you’re not happy with that it’ll be 3 or 4 or …N more until most people would rather quit. It provides no meaningful difference to gameplay besides scale. And all that scale does is hurt smaller groups by saying „must be this tall to ride“. You’ll still die in the end.

Serious questions you should ask yourself: Am I Ok dying to a gatecamp when it’s 3 chars? 4? 5? 6? What’s your „perfect number“ they should have to bring to kill you? Are you OK with disallowing small groups to try to control low sec space they are interested in, why? Why is it a problem to let a couple „casual friends“ be able to gate camp? Where should they do it instead of lowsec? Would you rather play Blob Online or Alt Online? Is it ok to die to a gate camp only if it’s from Horde or Brave or Frat or Imperium, those large groups? All the above questions are for lowsec specifically.

So yes, it’s still a false sense of security. You have no idea what the actual effects of your proposed changes are. People do not camp in bigger ships because of Low sec‘s other problems, so you trying to increase gate gun damage will be solved by other means.

You should try camping lowsec gates yourself before trying to make really bad proposals. Or just go back to trying to make high sec safer. Stop trying to make Low Sec the next carebear pirate-less wasteland.

Complaining that gate guns don’t save you in Low sec is exactly the same as complaining that CONCORD doesn’t save you in High sec. If you’re in lowsec making these style of complaints knowing full well it is LOW sec then you deserve the ship loss.

@Ax_l_Thorne check out this thread, I told you they would be coming for Low Sec next…

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