Warning notification before jump into gate if gate guns on the other side are activated in low-sec

Many people, especially new players have had a few horrible experiences getting blown up by a gate camp when they ventured into low-sec. They feel helpless as there is no way to meaningfully fight back or run from it. Soon or later they learn that high-sec to low-sec pipelines tend to be dangerous and often gate-camped and that the only way to avoid them is to have a second set of eyes for scouting (Alts or friends/intel channels, 3rd party programs such as zkillboard or Eve gate camp check). These people tend to avoid going to low-sec and become high-sec dwellers.
What if there is a feature in the system that gives a warning message if the other side of the gate had an active gate gun firing during the last 15 minutes or so?
It could be a pop-up window or simple visual green or red light on the gate.

You know there is a popup warning before entering lowsex?

Take a look at this:

Warnings are already provided. I don’t know how time “delayed” the warnings are. So, let me repeat CCP’s warning:

“Traffic level information as well as the danger level are averaged over time and as such may only offer delayed information.”

How does this address the problems you outlined? It’s not obvious to me:

  1. Some people find getting blown up a horrible experience.
  2. Some people feel helpless or deliberately choose to be.
  3. Some people become targets by others who camp star gates.

The go-to solution traditionally in Eve is „it sounds like a personal problem for those people that can’t handle getting blown up, to overcome these challenges it’s on them to grow and figure it out, the only person stopping them is themselves.“

You can also find your traffic light already via zKill, Dotlan, or the in-game map‘s filters. The „recent kills“ data is already out there. Why is another one needed for the people in numbers 1-3 (why specifically gate guns)?

I can’t help but feel like you’re being deliberately obtuse, here.

Those problems described would be reduced by the OP’s feature suggestion by ensuring that a certain percentage of the new players would decide not to jump through a gate that is actively being camped.

Im not being obtuse. They jump through anyway when there is the big warning „You’re jumping into dangerous low sec :warning:“ pop up that Tipa mentioned that they have to dismiss and opt out of further pop ups — it blocks the whole eve client. They jump through anyway despite the eve map data showing the system hot. Despite zKill showing hordes of gate-location killmails (yes zKill lists the system and gate in the system of the kill). Despite dotlan showing kills the past hour. Despite eve gate check sorting through zKill for your whole entire route and each gate, for you.

And I’m willing to bet they will still jump in and die despite some traffic light. There is nothing obvious to me in the original proposal that screams „this time this safety net will work.“

Before you start calling people names, try taking people seriously and giving the idea earnest thought. I’m asking OP to enlighten me because it actually is far less obvious than you think it is. It’s not a troll.


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