Improvements to gates

Hi Folks,

A simple idea from me, which I think would make the game more new pilot friendly, and resolve what to me is one of the most irritating factors of the game. Yes… I just lost yet another 100m+ Garmur to a gate camp and I’m salty.

Brief overview of the issue as I see it:

You are in one system. You want to jump into another system. You open up the map and check “ships destroyed in the last hour”; this is 0. You then proceed to check "average pilots in space over the last 30 mins; this is also very low. Deciding that you can probably go into the next system without seeing fireworks, you click “jump” on the gate.

You land… there is a sea of orange. You are in a 100m ship that took a few hours to earn. You can’t burn back to gate, you will blow up long before you traverse the 10km. You can’t warp out. The gate campers have sensor boosters and can immediately lock and warp disrupt you.

You are in fact 100% fudged and could not have discovered this fact before jumping into an absolute death trap with the set of tools provided.

This doesn’t make for a very good new player experience. Players spend an age grinding up a nice swanky ship, only to see it popped with very little chance to evade or avoid.

The (1st, old, and now outdated) idea:

Gate scanning/viewing - 100km… Gates have inbuilt paired scanning capabilities. While close to the gate you can click on it and request to “scan”. The gate on the other side scans 100km and provides a data link back to the first gate. The scan could take a while to come back… Say 30 seconds. The scan would show you everything that is within 100km of the gate.

What does this do? It provides capsuleers with a choice & chance.

They have the ability to see if there is anything on grid that will immediately pop them. They still need to request the scan and to sit around waiting for it, which people will likely not do unless they particularly care about not blowing up. If they warp to the gate before scanning it, then they are still in trouble. If they jump the gate before requesting a scan from it, they are still in trouble. If they sit around for 30 seconds on the 1st gate, rather than orbiting it or manually piloting, they could still get caught.

It isn’t fast enough to make people want to do it all the time, so there will still be opportunity to catch people if they are being lazy.

People who like to gate camp can still work it.

Edit - The NEW Idea:

So in summary… The idea as it stands:

Low-sec ONLY wandering NPC faction specific fleets visiting gates frequently, but for only 5 mins at a time every 15 mins (3 periods of danger, 3 of safety per hour). 75% dangerous. Randomise the timers on a per gate basis. Add a gate specific indicator to signify the NPC fleet’s presence.

How this would impact the game:
Gatecamps can exist, but they will need to be mindful of when they can and can’t camp that specific gate (move to another gate when the navy come to yours). Windows of opportunity would exist for the mindful capsuleer, for safer passage into low-sec. This would be beneficial for new players, allowing them to experience a higher level of danger than high-sec, whist still allowing them to be relatively safe if they pilot well.

For example, A player explorer could check the gate before jumping into low-sec, but can still get caught by a combat probing ship - if they don’t diligently watch D-Scan whilst hacking their slightly juicier relic sites. If they jump when the gate is red, that’s their choice and they may or may not die (just like today). A player would have to gamble if they don’t wait for an open window. There is a conscious choice that must be made and a risk assessment.

Complicated routes of multiple jumps through low sec, with the benefits of heightened safety, would be less feasible (which is a good thing) due to the fact that not all gates are in sync. Want to jump through 10 low-sec gates in safety? You had better wait a good long time for all those green lights.

Use a ‘noise’ filament and/or WH.

Don’t fly gate to gate. Bounce of a celestial.

Use combat probes to scan the gate first for ships. Look before you leap.

Go at off peak hours.

Use nullifier module.

Use a gate route checker EVE - Check before you jump! and killboards for the system.

It is quite easy to check a gate before you attempt it and nobody forces you to use gates at all in null.

Nobody in their sane mind runs a HS/null border gate unless they do their due diligence. You can use alternate methods to get in and out of HS and null.

You don’t even need dscan if you pack combat probes and you can launch combats from any distance.

For the other side, use nullifier to run it, and use killboards.

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Respect your answer but in my mind this doesn’t avoid, nor totally remedy the issue.

Low sec = no filaments. Filaments are a RNG as to where you will end up.

Celestials cannot be utilised to scan a gate in the recipient system. It works fine for scanning Gate A, but gate B can be camped and you are no better off.

Combat probes require a large capacitor/powergrid and also only work for gate A.

Nullifier modules are fine, but don’t seem to work if you are already bubbled. Also they don’t work against point/scram. Only bubbles. No use in low sec.

Go at off peak hours - why should people be forced to play at off-peak in order to avoid instant and unavoidable death?

Why do we need to use third party programs to provide functionality that could simply be provided in-game. These programs exist only to gap-fill a simple function that someone saw a need to provide.

Space is dangerous.

Every jump carries risk.

Those third party tools give me insight into the game, you can choose not to use them. I get an advantage then.

They are emitted from the official game API. They are part of the game data.

Anybody with an ounce of sense uses a killboard to see danger (or treasures).

Lowsec is a brawling sec. Expect a fight.

As yourself, is it fair that an extremely simple hit-squad should be able to absolutely rinse the population in such a manner: Oijanen | System | zKillboard

One gate: Oijanen 0.4 1 - Airaken gate.
One corp: Darkside.
Total Kills on same gate this morning so far: 28
Total pods destroyed: 24
Total losses: 0

Simple, effective. More profitable than any other activity. Very low risk. The closest thing we have to this is the real world is fishing with dynamite.

Go via another route, pick another system. You just used a killboard you asked why you should need it. You got your answer. For due diligence and opera.

The map shows pod and ship kills and pilots in system, use that.

The systems we jump into are blind jumps, BY DESIGN. Those third party tools would arguably be weakening that blindness by design. Perhaps those third party tools should be nerfed?

Therein is my point. It’s a bad design and weakened already. Just do away with it and give players a sporting chance :slight_smile:

You have a sporting chance, unless you’re jumping in a hauler, without escort well, that’s just plain dumb. They even give blockade runners.

Blockades are part of the game, recognised by adding blockade runner transport ships.

Make it fishing with a rod and a line, instead of a car battery.

Park your big ships in NPC stations in lowsec and fly in a better blockade runner. Also, jump clone in.

Well, me and 28 other players died without a sporting chance using the “blind jump by design” philosophy.

Or perhaps that 28/0 kdr means nothing.

Park and jump. See Improvements to gates - #10 by Zoiie

Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been gate camped and splattered over the gate. Shrug it off and chalk it up to carelessness and lazyness and move on, usually it was because of that. Gamble and lost.

Assume every gate is camped. Especially borders. Assume your next jump is your last jump.

Work together and let one person scout ahead in a ship designed for scouting.

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I don’t see any reason here why the idea wouldn’t be beneficial and couldn’t be easily implemented. Only the “blind by design” point is somewhat on point.

Use of third party tools is not a “new player friendly” feature and by design give an unfair advantage, despite being sourced from the game’s API.

A new player can explore for 2 hours straight… Collect 100m in loot. Scan a gate, check the map, decide to jump… Only to find a recently setup gatecamp on the other side with no forewarning. They just lost 2 hours work, exciting loot and their ship due to no fault of their own. The small team that got them took little risk, got a big reward, and spent very little time to acquire it. This is not balanced and I simply suggest that CCP take a look at making this mechanic slightly more-so. Just one simple idea.

Personally, I gave up on exploration 100% entirely due to this one mechanic. I don’t run low-sec burners due to the same. Instead I prefer to run the abyss, an advertised “dangerous” activity. I do this simply because it comes with a much less inherent risk. Not because it gives a very high pay-out.

So why should I find high-level abyss safer than jumping one little gate into low sec?

Each to their own opinion though.

Of the 28 ships that blew up, 3 were Herons and my soul weeps for their newbro tears.

At least… make wandering NPC fleets that visit gates… Make gatecamping truly come with some risk…

Riddle me why a caldari state fleet of 30 ships couldn’t warp to gate and reap havok.

It’s low sec, not no-sec. Make the NPC’s police it better, if infrequently.

Use a WH to exit to HS. I explore. I don’t use border gates for obvious reasons, unless I do my due diligence, gamble or run it when I think it’s low activity periods.

If you want low activity, then do your activity in that low activity region/system/time period.

In lowsec you can dock up at a LS NPC station and store your loot safely. You can then run it out with a courier contract or when the activity is low.

You don’t have to run out to HS with your loot if you’re in LS. There are NPC stations in LS. Use them to your advantage.

Ship type doesn’t exactly define a user being new or a vet.

My heart also bleeds for the 300m probe that went down. His own silly fault; I guess he didn’t use a third party program to scan the system before jumping to his swift demise.