Changing Gate Mechanics

Normally you can approach a gate and jump when very close. The change would involve having to fly through the center of the energy wave of the gate.

More kills will be made.



Reply with a comment, not meme. Meme’s are played out and ignorant.

can we ask for more details please?

  • describe the current mechanics that you would like to see changed (status quo)
  • explain what is flawed from your point of view and why it is flawed. What exactly are the drawbacks?
  • explain what exactly should be changed in your suggestion in detail
  • explain why the new mechanic would be benefitial for a majority of the players and/or the products as a whole and/or CCP as company
  • what possible problems could come along with implementing your suggestion and what would your idea be to approach these?

Thank you in advance.


Instead of simply jumping using the Jump function, I would like the ability to fly through the gate energy field to cause the gate to activate. A little more manual maneuvering instead of point, click and jump.

Yeah nah. At the very best this just makes hauling much, much more of a hassle. At its worst this becomes a huge pileup of bad EVE online collision mechanics. A huge pain in the neck for everybody involved that doesnt enhance the player experience one bit.

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People would block the Gate with Freighter Alts to prevent others from maneuvering through :smile:


Thematically, I like the idea and have thought of it myself in the past. Practically, I don’t support it.

Not only does not not add any practical functionality to the game, it would take a ton of dev time to implement.


in the old days people spawned 15km from a gate when they warped to it. but it was removed because people would make bookmarkets 15km behind the gate and and warp to that so they would land right on top the gate. What is to say ppl wont do this again if ur idea is implemented? Due to the sheer number of bookmarks people made and shared it became a problem for their servers afaik.

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