Changes to gates/jump bridges

Not sure how I feel about basically reposting an idea from Stainguy, but he removed his post on reddit, which had some changes to the jump bridge mechanic I would really like to see.

With the proposed mechanic, you would basically have to wait for a wormhole to pop up, that links the two systems you want to connect.
If the wormhole gets below 50% total mass/ critical (balance decision) during the anchoring of the structures, the structures on both sides will get sucked into the collapsing wormhole and are destroyed.
If you manage to keep everyone away during the anchoring of your structures, you are rewarded with a new stargate, that will stay open as long as you throw enough fuel into the stabilizers at both sides.

Here some more balance points:

  • systems connecting are required to have the same truesec (so sry stainguy, still no lowsec gate for stain).

  • obviously scaling fuel costs for range

  • size restrictions based on the base wh, so for capitals, you need to wait for a capital sized wh (and probably a bigger structure)

  • no mass regeneration of whs while the gates anchor (making it easier to close whs you don’t want your enemies to have)

Yes this would change the layout of the EVE map by approximately a LOT :slight_smile:

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