Upwell Stargates in High Sec/Low Sec

EVE Vegas recently announced that the new stargates were going to only be accessible in null sec.
I think that sucks. It gives the advantage to null players only, and closes off any possible gameplay for those of us who prefer the high sec life

I say that gates should be available to everyone to use. Put the restrictions on jumping into high sec with capitals as per normal, but let us create our own gates around high sec.

I want to be able to tax someone for the express way from Rens to Amarr to Jita and back again.
Keep the jump fuel restriction too if you have to. Just let me have my superhighway.

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Oh dear so null is getting another mobility buff huh…

Aren’t these just replacing jump bridges? I thought it was like for like functionality wise. I haven’t seen the presentation though so may have missed something.

Indeed they are.

Is this thread relevant then?

Well, (s)he can ask but I wouldn’t put my hopes up for it.

Didn’t realize it was for jump bridges.
I mean, it’s been advertised for so long that players were going to get their own stargates. Figured they would be actual stargates.

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Actual stargates would only be useful if we got some “ungated” systems and some method to get to them initially.

Basically space that players could expand into and control 100%.

Otherwise real stargates would present a lot of issues with sov, wh and trade routes.

Ah right, I see what you mean.

I’ve never been convinced about stargates to new systems. Unless they come up with a clever way to manage it, this would basically just hand very lucrative, effectively private systems to the largest groups in game.

Advertised may not be the right word.

They’re Jump Bridges ++. Like jump Bridges they use fuel and require SOV, but new features adds access lists and the possibility to make them publicly accessible. Also they can link to your enemies gate. In the key note jump ahead to 20:50 Eve Vegas Keynote Presentation

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In other words some funny placed jump gates by a blue buddy could jump you right into a goon titan camp for “content”.

Gotta say… I’m worried about the lack of fatigue. I haven’t watched the presentation so I’m regurgitating gleaned information, so I could be entirely wrong, but at present I’m of the understanding that using these gates will cost you LO, can be used by any class of ship (sub, cap, supercap), and does not generate fatigue.

Here is a gameplay idea. Lets allow real exploration. Say 10 days per light year to look for new star systems and map them. When one is found, you can put up star gates to get there.

Let the exploration happen from any level of security and for a fee you can set the system to the security level you want.

You have to build/bring all the infrastructure and so forth.

It’s a nice idea, but since the new stargates wil be ACL controlled, this would just lead to private farming systems for the largest groups.

It will come. There is no way around it.

As nullsec can not be considered space worth colonising anymore, and as a multiplayer space game requires space that allows people to colonise space (because there are a lot of people who like this) NOT implementing some new space for colonisation is stupid … and they know that.

Nullsec slowly turns into players’ empire space, aka the new highsec.
These public bridges are a step towards that direction.

Remember: Abyssal Deadspace is a test bed for new space.

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The servers would love this idea…

here is another crazy idea, let the gates be set to go one place for your “Blues” and another for “reds”

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