An Idea to make the coming star gate's that where announced more interesting :P

At the moment K space and J space are pretty seperate entities each having their own stories, but what if these new gates that CCP recently showed us at fan fest could be used to bridge k-space and J-space :stuck_out_tongue:

Or to link up multiple J space together to form a wormhole cluster for bigger alliances and such, Would be interesting for these 2 entities to overlap a little. Maybe some type of mobile unit that could temporarily disrupt these gates to stop reinforcement’s coming through for a short amount of time, just throwing idea’s around.

Let me know what you guys think.

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Upcoming Stargates?


The “stargates” we’re getting Soon™ will be replacements for existing jump bridges in sovereign Nullsec - likely not a lot of new gameplay but feature parity with POS so they can be removed from the game - paying down some “legacy debt” in the process.

At some point we may get real stargates to “new” space but, you need one at each end. It will be interesting to see how CCP solves the problem of getting to “new” space to build the stargate. Wormholes will probably play a role here but I doubt they will be a destination - that would simply make wormholes an extension of K-space which would not be good game design in my opinion.

There is always layering, having some wormholes that are link able with k-space (maybe only c1) and most not. Your probably right about not allowing all to be linked thou, luckily there is tons of grey area’s to work with to spice up eve a bit.


Every time I think of stargates, I can’t help but remember the good days:

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you know everything that makes wh great? yeah lets remove that and make it just another space for large entities only


It would ruin wh’s.

Stargates that replace jump bridges, or throw fleets across the galaxy on a one way trip, generate wh’s etc - cool

To lead to new parts of space? Depends on the new space.

But wh’s need to stay wh’s. They are considered the least broken parts of space.

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to further clarify and reiterate one of the biggest reasons its the least broken is that there is a soft ‘cap’ on the size of everything from fleets to alliances your idea destroys that and just turns WH into ns with sleepers

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You have a good point, maybe to some new place would be cool then, just feel like if it only goes from sov space to sov space then only big alliances get to use it and no one else, people in npc null or wh’s or low will have no access to something that will end up taking a lot of dev time :confused: kinda sad.

Gotta keep with the narrative man. Since there are no local in WH, there is no way null sec blobs would ever survive there…



sure the would. just set up bots to ping when a new sig pops and put alts on the entrances

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m8 for the moment they are just replacing jump bridges

I know, but just replacing what we already had is no fun :stuck_out_tongue: well technically us npc null guys never had it xD sadness T_T, I guess if its only a jump bridge would be happy if they could be used in more than just sov space.

that’s because it rewards taking and holding two systems for a month. want the reward then put in the effort. sov null isn’t really that scary we held a constellation for almost 2 months with just 10 guys. then we got bored and went back to wh

The problem with sov space is the amount of time needed to hold it, most of our players don’t have huge amounts of hours to hold it. But I mean like I dont mind if sov space have a t2 gate and the rest of us only have a t1 or something with less feature’s.

Hmm ok, what about if there was only allowed 1 of these gate’s per system but they still worked for low/null/npc null/worm holes and could connect between each other, this will make it so you could only link 2 systems together at a time instead of a whole chain unless they are in sov null which can have the ability to chain sov null systems together maybe a limit on chain length (for this to happen sov null will need to be able to have more than 1 gate allowed per system).

Another limit might be that each alliance would only be allowed to have 1 HQ Gate per region from which connections could be branched to.

These set of restriction’s would effect these type of occupant’s in these way’s:

Sov Null: 1 Main system (HQ Sov Null) with either a connection to a wormhole or a single low sec system + 1 chain maybe 2-3 systems long. WH/Low <-> Hq Null Sov <-> Strategic system 1 <-> Strategic system 2

NPC Null: 1 Main system (HQ NPC Null) with a single connection to either low sec, wormhole or a null system.
Hq Null NPC <-> Wormhole/Low/Null

Wormhole Group: 1 Main connection to either 1 other wormhole/low sec or null system.
Wormhole HQ <-> Strategic WH System 1 / Low / Null.

Low Sec Group: 1 Main system (HQ Low) connecting to a WH / low sec or null system.
Hq Low <-> Wormhole / Low / Null.

I still feel it would make thing’s more interesting with each type of group being able to strategically use their star-gate limitation’s with Sov null having an advantage compared to it being sov null only which will be a waste imo.

What you are doing is killing the point of wh and k- space geography in general. What’s the point of pipes and choke points if you can just ignore them. Yes it takes time to hold sov, you need to put effort in to get the reward. If your group can’t do it find one that can. Like i said it’s not really all that hard for a small group after fozzi sov

What about it kills WH and K space you need to be more specific, also I don’t want a group that hold’s sov that does not interest me.

If there is a way to temporarily disable the star-gate’s then those choke points are still valid, which makes your argument invalid. If you have a problem with the idea then say exactly what the problem is, as Iv told you being saying “its fine as it is and I hate change so leave it the same” is not constructive. Any problem can be creatively solved without going back to “what it was before”.

I have explained how it breaks wh and that break becomes more extreme when you link them to k- space. No being able to disable them unless it’s so easy the gates become near useless still breaks coke points. If all i need to do is secure my system and some random back end system on the other side of the pipe i can avoid any choke point.

If it was so easy for an entity to secure 2 point’s surely securing 1 point would be even easier, maybe a gate could be a double edge sword, where enemies could drop a device that would open it up for them giving them access to your system as well, then It would have to be carefully thought out if you want that advantage at such a cost. (maybe the gate could be hacked by enemies to be opened instead of a module)