Player built stargates / Event

So remember a few years ago the thing about player built stargates? Well maybe this needs to happen now.

With the invasion of Niarja and the shift in trade routes, this would be a good opportunity for an even for players to help their respective empires build one.

Now I am not saying restoring the short route from Amarr to Jita. Hell no Niarja burned and that was a good thing, but maybe make an event / gate that puts a stargate in amarr space domain region to a portion in the genesis region. Domain and Genesis are separated by low sec,

This would change the 45 jump route to maybe 20-25 jumps and is a good compromise.
Or maybe some place in domain to some random place in derelik ammatar space. Again this would reduce travel time between amarr and caldari space by about 15-20 jumps.

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Depends what you mean by player built star gates.

One of the worst things we could do now is give the owners of the TTT a way to earn isk off of hi-sec players wanting convenient jump routes.

Not a bad idea at all.

Maybe have it be an event where the Empire Factions want to build new gates to bypass Triglavian controlled systems and the players must collect various items for the Empire Factions to build them.

Of course when completed those gates won’t allow access to players with positive Triglavian standing.


Let’s wait until next year. :slight_smile:

He obviously means he wants players to build a new gate that allows them to skip Niarja since it’s now in Final Lim. Basically, change bad, stagnation good.

And imagine if that gate could be used to feed isk into the pockets of the few.

ok lets put some refinement on this The empries build a new stargate, but not massive short cut ones.

Also reducing 45 jumps to 25 or so is not a bad thing.

The only thing stagnant in this game is Null sec

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/me checks out the war raging in the West…


Good thing the game doesn’t change based on your subjective belief of what is good or bad. Suck it up, kid. Niarja’s still there. Grow a spine and fly through it.

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