Building Star/Warp gates

How do you connect two start systems by building warp/star gates?

Just like any other citadel type structure.

Conditions may apply:
Your Alliance needs to hold the system you want to build the Ansiblex in.
Distance is limited to a couple light years.

okay, thanks.

CCP Seagull heavily insinuated player built Stargates. There was even an official EVE trailer about it, called “The Prophecy”.

Instead what were got were just jump bridges using Upwell livery.


What else would you have expected them to act like?

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Check the Fanfest keynote from 2014 around 1:17:00 for what they said they are working on and then compair it to what was delivered.

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What they’ve tried selling us was the idea of people building star gates to find new space they can colonize. What they actually gave us was an insult and slap into the face, basically them laughing about how stupid we are for believing anything they say.


When they released the ansiplex thing they actually where really proud they “delivered” on their promise. When I asked if that is the end of the whole colonization themed vision the only answer was some BS like “we are not authorized to discuss the vision of EVE”.

What I read into that is: Hey we did stargates, now take what you got and stop asking dumb questions.

There was a complete lack of vision since (and even before that). For the last three+ years it is completely unclear where EVE is heading and I bet this isn’t an insignificant contributor to people quitting the game.


As much as I like the idea of player built (actual) star gates that would open up to new systems, it probably would just add more empty space. Which I’m absolute no fan of.
The new systems would need to be worth putting the effort to build these gates. But what would you do with the old systems? Just leave them?

You could disable the “old” gates. But what happens with the stuff inside them? Will it just be gone? Maybe you disable the gates, but wormholes could still lead into those as only connection, making them kind of J-Space without sleepers. To justify pirates respawning in there would be tricky from a lore perspective.

It’d be cool if there were less gate connections in NullSec, but players could build their own gates regardless of SOV. Imagine a “beach head” is an actual Stargate that people spent hours getting into position to light a cyno to jump in the industrial the would anchor it.

I mean that’s not even the point. Obviously everyone would understand if they reevaluate the situation for the actual implementation and adjust their vision. But what they constantly do is talk about building a skyscraper and then delivering a dog house (obviously exaggerated) and not loosing a single word about why there was this huge discrepancy. Even after 16 years they have not the slightest idea how to communicate.

I mean there is supposedly a network of smuggler gates. The one from that first missions you ran and where you had that “OMG I found hidden stargate! I wonder where it leads!!! … (15min later) … Oh it’s just a static object that doesn’t do anything”

How about expanding on that?

There is still so much potential and awesome things they could do. CCP Seagull did a really important thing when she talked about the vision she had for the game. It doesn’t matter if the vision changes if there are good explanations that are actually communicated, as long as there is something to look forward to there is a completely different feeling to this game, compared to the apparent maintenance mode it seems to be in now (I don’t say it is, but it just FEELS that way).

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