New Stargate Connections

From the sisi client.

“Stargate Trailblazer is a joint-initiative from the empires of New Eden to build the following connections:
Stain (Saminer) to Tash-Murkon (F7-ICZ) for the Amarr Empire
Placid (Kenninck) to Solitude (Eggheron) For the Gallente Federation
Metropolis (Uriok) to Genesis (Pakhshi) For the Minmatar Republic
The Citadel (Isutaka) to Genesis (Ahbazon) For the Caldari State”

So the long waited gate to stain. More paths to solitude. A shortcut from jita to hek so you got no excuse to visit your ma. A shorcut via 1 lowsec system from jita to kador space.

So ■■■■■■■ stupid.

Why are they doing this? What’s the justification?


They could solve what ever problem they think they are fixing by putting seven thousand or so gates in every system so that all systems are one jump from all other systems.
That would fix it nicely.
Whatever it is.

I think it’s a terrible idea, I like it that there are remote places that are hard to get to. It makes them more interesting even if it’s just for the trip to get there.

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Isn’t it something like that already with the Poochven :dog: filaments?

Not really, no. Nor the other filaments that take you to random parts of nullsec. You don’t really have any idea what system you will be landing in or what’s going on it it.
I actually keep a number of those in all of my ships for when I get trapped, sometimes they make it far worse though. You can easily go from being trapped by a bunch of hunters to being trapped in someone else’s war, or gate camped system.
I do love them though, they are always an adventure.

Now would be a good time to remind you that if it were up to me™ all ships would be capable of system-to-system warp and we would not even have gates.

Carry on.


And I’d remind you that since the majority of PvP happens around star gates (aside maybe from null-sec fleet stuff, which seems to happen around keepstars most of the time), your idea would wreck the economy.

Are we arguing past the sale of why I should care about “muh economy”?

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Since money is like the biggest motivator in the game by far for most people, wrecking the economy by massively reducing destruction would result in the game becoming a ghost town.

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And their concern does not go past money. Which is why you have endless krabs, nearly zero interraction, and most players pretending it’s a single player game.

Kind of like a ghost town.

I know. If everybody wanted to see things explode, then you don’t get to be the wolf amongst the sheep, and you might find out that you are not the best wolf.

You know, if it were up to me™, there would have never been a “miner” player or industrial generally. Anybody who wanted stuff mined or moved would have to buy NPC ships and hire crews to do that. But those ships would be as shootable as most NPCs are. Meaning miners would have to be ready to defend their mining fleets in PVP, instead of being prey.
And I would have made it so that the longer you keep your ships alive, the better the crews get and the better the yields. Morale too.

Imagine what that would have been like. Try to, anyway. Think of it as an academic exercise. I know what it’s like to be so deeply embedded in a belief that it actually hurts to even entertain another idea.

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All of that other stuff aside, with the game otherwise being as is, but with the removal of chokepoint gate travel in favor of a teleportation system, there would be an extreme reduction in forced PvP and asset destruction volume that would not be made up elsewhere. I don’t have to explain why this would be bad for everyone involved.

No forced PvP? Humm yea that would bad. It would not be EVE anymore so what would be the point of playing it?

Remind me how well the most recent one of these went?

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Freighters are still shafted but at least you can now go to Jita in 12 jumps with a BR and frigate. And Vecamia camps will switch from there to Ahbazon.

No one with a sane mind was waiting for the gate to stain. It adds nothing to the region, it only takes away from it. And since CCP is lazy and incompetent, they will make this just another gate without any regard for the extremely hostile relationship between Sansha and the Amarr Empire.


Anyhow, they got an orca showed up their gate.

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The Citadel (Isutaka) to Genesis (Ahbazon) For the Caldari State”

So Ahbazon is a low sec system just 3 jumps from Vecamia, one of the most heavily gate-camped systems around. You don’t have to be a genius to guess what’s going to happen once this link goes live.

If they’d added the new gate in Shera instead (a neighbouring 0.6 system) then at least that would have given people a fighting chance.

Just another system to add to the ‘avoid’ list.


The majority of PVP happens around a lazy design. Fixed.


Putting together the info we know so far.

Don’t worry. If there’s anything that can be done to stop this new gate, the residents of Solitude will be doing it.

While I don’t disagree to a point, with the fall of Niarja it has become a bit too much of one pipe chokepoint IMO. I don’t think we need a complete spiderweb of gates, but more than one HS option would be nice.