Player jump gates coming next month. What's the big deal?

The new player jump gates seem similar to the existing POS system outside of the ability to have access lists and public (with an optional fee) access. Is it because there won’t be jump fatigue like current POS based system that’s causing consternation?

Also, are these able to be built in high sec? I saw a lot of hyperbole about this change on reddit but it seems to overall be a good move.

They will still generate jump fatigue, at least that is my understanding.

Most likely not, they are replacing the current Jump Bridges which is LS/Null only

They say it is conquerable nullsec only for now.

No, they won’t generate jump fatique, and that’s what people are mad about. And the old jumpbridges couldn’t be used by capitals, this one can.

Source: at 00:30:00.

The problem is that this enables large blocs to project their capital power (again) over the whole map and so undermines their efforts to make subcaps and roaming gangs relevant again.

Also, you can connect that gate to every (friendly) other gate in jumprange and so create a supercapital highway. Force projection at it’s finest.


It would be awesome if you could ask for a confirmation on this detail. Jump fatigue is very important.

Try reddit. The odds of getting a dev with actual knowledge of the mechanic to post here are unlikely at best. Even devs know this new forum is crap and stay away.

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But these are stationary and technically gates. Dont know if it is too much projection. Cynos are a lot more projection I think.

I think the building time and time to destroy should be rather short in case of those gates tho. Like cutting the logistic lines or war roads. Skirmishing around it.

Yes, but Cynos generate fatique that prevents the capitals to jump again for a certain time. Capital move ops were major operations until now. Now you can reach your new staging point without fatique in a ridiculous short ammount of time and hotdrop right away.

This makes large entities even more invulnerable against harassment by gangs and smaller groups. Good luck with skirmishing when you get dropped a Nyx on your gang everytime and everywhere you dare to poke arround in Sov space. The supercap umbrella just got way bigger.

These should use the same mechanics like jump bridges did. Subcaps only, perhaps freighters could be allowed. If this goes live, it will be a very big mistake if you ask me.


But they look awesome!

Nullsec isn’t what it was anymore, you people need to get over it and accept the change that is slowly coming for you.

Literally everything you said is wrong.

There is NO jump fatigue, thats what many people are mad about since you can now teleport your super fleet wherever since these also now allow ships with jump drives to use them unlike the old POS module.

Secondly, since when have jump bridges been allowed in Lowsec?? Sov Null only (Although I would love to see this available in NPC null…probably will never happen).

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Online time is only 45 minutes, sooo pretty short.

Killing them will also be pretty easy, for the first 2 timers, at the damage cap of 5,000 DPS, you will melt each timer in ~6 minutes. ~12 minutes for the hull timer.

In terms of distance, the new jump gates are 5ly and a typical max skill cap jump will be ~7ly to give you an idea.

But again, its the problem with jump fatigue, less about the connections you can make with it.


Anyone got any idea on the cost of one of these?

I didn’t read the ‘jump gates’ documentation, but if it’s true what you typed in, then it will break the game. Just wait for the next unsub wave. As I understood, the access list allows a gate access to members from other alliances also!!! Taking it into consideration and that half of 0.0/low-sec are blue to each others, it will allow to ‘instantly’ jump to any point in EVE. Means half of the way with gates and another few jumps, into hostile areas, with traditional jump mechanic.

For subcap vessels it’s not such a big issue. It will allow for small fleets to find PVP brawls and to return home after them faster. For capital vessels it must be restricted in one of two possible ways:

  • Capital ships can’t use user jump gates;
  • Capital ships will suffer traditional jump fatigue after using them.

Finally, I’d say it’s another tool to protect ‘nullbears’ (aka renters), while ‘big boys’ can’t log in. A small Jackdaw fleet can be easily redeployed from Fade to Fountain or Delve, while the Rorqual ‘panic module’ is working.


Well the jump bridges allowed access to people from another alliances, the difference is in the fact that the new structures allows different alliances to link their jump gates to each other. Currently to do that you had to have the IHUB in the same alliance for the jump bridge which is what most alliances did. So there is little real change here.

No real change…, you end up near a structure, before you ended up near an armed POS, the POS had automatic shoot capability the structures do not.

Jump Fatigue is in a good place at the moment, I think it is correctly balanced. When it was first said that there would be no jump fatigue, I was happy and continue to be happy because the number of times I had to miss out on sub caps roams because we had fleets later involving caps was truly annoying. So that will increase content a bit.

The Capital ships using them is a change and that they have no jump fatigue is also a change, it increases power projection, and diminishes the jump fatigue in terms of power projection, however do you realise how debilitating that jump fatigue really is and how limited the range is even now?

And then you have to look at what the defender can do against this type of use, they know where they will jump too, so they can water board them which is bubble them continuously to slow them up. It is very effective indeed. It also makes it easier to hunt and kill capitals that use them. So all in all I think it is fine and will want to see how it develops. I noted the anchoring and the timers on them and I think CCP did a very good job on working it out. Arrendis did a very good post on this in the CSM thread which I will link for you to read.


i checked on sisi it will cost around a bill


The funny thing is that it isn’t going to result in people leaving, but organisations pushing themselves and their members to become monolithic structures similar to what we’ve seen develop on Serenity over the years while simultaneously introducing further incentives towards the use of injectors for arms races and parity concepts. As much as can be said about the bit of jump fatigue, CCP have done their homework, particularly when you keep in mind that they are changing the foundations of the game very slowly. When you consider the type of limited almost napoleontic warfare nullsec blocks have aimed towards for years the new structures fit perfectly with that.

Supers are the new battleships, up the ante, limit the clash, rinse and repeat.


Why is an ISD spreading misinformation?


Thanks for answers

I mean this. We saw how the citadel mechanic was used to make staging points into hostile space. If somebody drops a Fortizar under your Keepstar in another time zone, just wait a two-time bigger Blob next day in your time zone there. I just noticed the potency to build a dedicated jump gate network all around the map, like a spider web, and anybody hostile (from hi-sec), who will fly around there will be immediately identified and ‘Blobbed’ by anybody nearby, who is in the same time zone. I saw enough, how the cyno-drops are used in 0.0, low-sec and especially in FW PVP. It can have a highly negative effect for EVE generally, until the entire Blue Don’t concept will exist.

It contains many unknowns for me: like fuel consumption, jump fatigue, jump destination options (will it be possible to choose an available linked destination from current place) or it will be old-style bridge, jump distance, it’s power (how many vessels can jump at a time by their class (aka WH mechanic). I saw just a nice 3D animation of a new jump gate.