Jumping fatigue is our freedom. Do not touch it

Hello, dear players and CCP employees.

It’s about jumping fatigue. I am the representative of the medium scale alliance. We are not in coalitions that occupy half of the map, we are not blue for other 2/3 of New Eden and we have a relatively small capital fleet, which we could not use earlier, and which we do not risk to use close to big players, like the Pandemic Legion.

The appearance of jumping fatigue certainly deprived us of some convenience in the moving of capital ships, but it gave us hope. Hope that not every fight, not any attempt to use the capital ships in a region, will be attacked by bored supercapital blocks that do not fight against each other, but are more likely to humiliate relatively small groups of players.

We do not have a representative in the CSM. And who does have him? Pay attention that populists get there, who understand little in the game mechanics and the main merit of which is that they conduct nice blogs. They are representatives of huge coalitions, super-alliances like Goonswarm and those who have huge reserves of supercapital ships. This is the lobby of people who led the EVE to stagnation, having agreements throughout the map, and who realy not fighting in real war with each other, but in boredom are looking for ways to throw their super capital ships into remote regions for the battles versus small alliances as easily as possible.

I urge you not to go on the side of those who want take away the hope from players, who believe in freedom. Please do not force us to join this blob or leave the game. Do not touch jump fatigue. It’s very good.

Leave us the hope of being free.


I completely agree with Iv_d_Este!
I stand behind every word he wrote! Leave fatigue as it is right now!


I’m agree. Last changes make a deffence citadeles a much hard for small alliances. In the past we did can recieve many sub-capital fights vs power blocks and do it with highest efficiency. But if change fatiga timer, we’ll can see a regular capital blob’s and many fights without any chances to win. It’s make a power-blocks more mobile and much effective in deffence of territories, where they are not live.

Mmm maybe you right…

Leave fatigue alone!

And slash capital HP by half.

Jump fatigue is just a small thorn in our side and serves no real value to gameplay, if we want your space we’ll take it fatigue or not, that’s how Eve should be and hopefully will always be. Truth be told if your space was valuable we’de already own it, fatigue or not, if we do take your space it will be for renting purposes as that’s it’s only value.

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Pretty much this.

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Here here, OP made a great thread.

Null sec has turned into the most carebear part of EVE for the exact reasons OP listed. The mega-alliances are too afraid to fight each other and just want to pick on smaller entities to feel good about themselves.

Your alliance probably has a lot more ISK than OP’s corp, and you want the mechanics changed so it is even easier for your group to attack OP’s group? You carebears are the reason why EVE stagnated. All you do is get fat in your blue donut space and complain when CCP makes game mechanics that require you to invest some effort and planning. Seriously, your constant whining when anything is made slightly more difficult for you is a lame joke. Frankly, it’s pathetic. No wonder the WH groups laugh at nullsec pilot quality and skill.

If you want a very trivial game where you can get rich with minimum effort and no thought invested, literally just go play WoW and stop posting here please. It’s likely you are already just another F1-masher for your leaders, so the whole concept of playing games with no thought required shouldn’t be foreign to you.

The forum can only take so much stupidity per day and you have already pushed us to the threshold. Congratulations.


This is one of the problems with EVE and why its a joke of a game… There is not enough incentive for the big players to go after each other. EVE seems to be all about beating up on those weaker than you and renting out to the highest bidder what should have been your space.

Thank’s kiddo.! :smiley:

I never once mentioned that I want any game mechanics changed, what I mentioned holds 100% true that fatigue means absolutely nothing when it comes to taking anybody’s space, the fact is that if OPs space had any value he wouldn’t own it.

I’ve been playing since 2003 and Eve is just a shadow of what a great game it once was, but even back then null was still the same null as it has almost always been and most likely will continue to be for many more years to come, one big blue donut with the powerhouses holding the most valuable space, even with fatigue small alliances will never be able to fight for then hold onto valuable space I guarantee it, large numbers with experience wins Eve, we fight for the best space so get to reap the rewards.

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The facts are that if you don’t have the manpower to fight for then hold onto space it will be taken away from you, more so if the space holds value in one form or another.

Also, what you fail to understand is that the ones with power want to hold onto that power, if you start poking bears with sticks you’re gonna make one angry and nobody wants to have an angry bear at their doorstep.

If we’re out fighting wars we’re not making ISK, and there is a crap ton of ISK to be made when we’re not at war.


Do you have anything else to say besides “I’ve been playing since 2003, this game is declining, listen to me because I am right and you are wrong?”

You’re basically admitting that null is a giant blue donut, but at the same time you’re advocating against any mechanics that give smaller powers a chance to exist.

Yes we all know major alliances can just wait-out jump fatigue if they really want too. But jump fatigue presents additional cost and adds consequences to the action. There is no reason to remove it just to make jumping across the galaxy completely trivial and free once again for larger powers.

You just don’t get it, jump fatigue means absolutely nothing to both large or small entities, it’s a MINOR inconvenience and nothing more. The ONLY way a smaller alliance will hold systems is if the systems hold no value or they rent from a larger entity, there is not and will never be any other way for them to do so.

Also, I never once said I wanted jump fatigue removed, my caps have not moved in years so could care less.

No, I understand perfectly and I reject the notion that numbers should have all the advantages.

You don’t seem to understand what is good gameplay and neither do CCP.

There is a reason the player count is so pathetically low despite more continuous development than any other mmorpg despite a virtual monopoly on the space ship pvpmmorpg genre for over a decade.

If you think CCP didn’t err in this regard you are totally delusional.

Numbers have always and will always rule Eve, if you don’t like that then you will never be happy playing this game, if you want to be part of a smaller entity stay in highsec, nobody can kick you out of there.

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no thanks. I’d rather play better games and ones that don’t cater to the masses. That isn’t something I’d consider to be a good sandbox game.

I’m a full loot pvp aficionado and have been waiting on the sidelines EVE to get worth playing for me for years but it never does. :confused:

Kbye, don’t want your stuffs. o/

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Check out wormholes, faction warfare, or pirate corps. They offer very different gameplay options than the typical nullbear experience. That is, the game doesn’t revolve around forming mass blob fleets and pushing F1 when your FC tells you too. Players like @Alea only call EVE a numbers game because they have never branched out and tried anything else. Numbers certainly help, but having a larger fleet is by no means the only way to succeed in EVE.

You’re partially correct, ones like myself who has played for over a decade has most surely tried every aspect of the game, but it is true that numbers do not always guarantee a win.

Jump fatigue was never about helping the small alliance hold space against larger groups. Rather, jump fatigue is a limitation to force projection.

Yes one of the large groups can still easily swarm a smaller group when that smaller group tries to field capital ships. However, thanks to jump fatigue that same large group can’t dunk 2 capital fleets on opposite sides of EVE in under an hour. It limits large groups from muscling in everywhere.

Jump fatigue gives smaller groups the chance to use caps without that fear that Goons or PL is just a few cynos away from anywhere in new Eden. And that is what the OP wishes to maintain. I personally agree with that notion.