Player jump gates coming next month. What's the big deal?


Its a bad decision which favors more powerful NS groups.

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You may be right also. We already see somebody’s readiness from NC/PL to join to the Imperium, and vice versa, if there will be bad conditions for their Supers up there. I’ll say players with Capitals will join to a monolith, wile players oriented for free-style PVP like Bombers Bar, Wingspan, Solo PVPers will be motivated to unsub. They just hate to fly Capital ships, and moreover, nothing bigger than a Cruiser.

Player Jump Gates boil down to being able to move caps faster over longer distances.

Nobody has been able to explain how that is a good thing for EVE.


Human nature being what it is, I used to find people coming in with kiting ships complaining about being hot dropped annoying, but then I realised that they were massaging their own ego’s. I play from the point of view that if you want to come in and kick someone’s sand castle over then you better be ready to fight hard to do it and moaning about aggressive strong defence was always a bit weak. I am not having a dig at you, just from the attitude I saw in nullsec

Using Jump Gates (jump bridges) is one way to utilise home advantage, it makes it more difficult and more of a challenge. Some people can’t handle that challenge and run away, others enjoy it.

At one point in Tactical Supremacy no one was roaming into the pocket because people kept dropping all incoming with a mass of supers and carriers, but at the end of the day, it enabled people to Rorqual mine and rat. It is controlling their own space by giving a powerful message.

My understanding and I could be wrong here is that they are direct replacements for Jump Bridges except that you can link to other peoples jump gates, that you do not get fatigue and that Caps can now use them and of course the mechanics as structures as defined.

I think everything else is the same, they obviously have to add fuel costs and I expect that will hurt for Titans, at least I hope so…


Home already has advantage.
This just makes it easier for Cap heavy entities to defend multiple fronts, faster and over longer distances, against smaller entities, and also to aggress them faster and over longer distances, without leaving other fronts vulnerable for as long.

All 3 of which are ideal for powerful, widespread Alliances/Coalitions, to deploy their massive fleets around faster and over longer distances.

Fuel costs are negligible compared to no fatigue.
One guy here cited that these gates will only cost about 1 bil a piece.

They have timers? So they dont work like you would kill MTUs? :disappointed:

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Easily doable and defendable.

Except for the massive fleet that is already in system defending it.

No fatigue.

CCP’s essentially providing monolithic blocks the means to create flashpoints of force projection as limited as required to fit within the backroom agreements of napoleontic warfare. A lot of people seem to stumble over the removal of jump fatigue and supercap proliferation, which isn’t the focus of the upcoming changes. In a nutshell, it’s a gradual push towards a specific model of organisation. If there’s anything to consider, it’s that and the consequences of this for organisations not within blocks.

The monetisation angles should be obvious, but by now people have been frogs for quite a while and I doubt anyone can disregard the low tresholds for players and block organisations to not just accept, but embrace that. Remember the impact of Packs following the rorqual changes, the influence of injectors, the adoption of alpha’s to move away from characters as identity to disposable specialised tools, and so forth. Remember, eve Hilmar was clear on it, while CCP still counts humans, but barely, the prime metric is accounts. Warm bodies isn’t the focal point, multiple accounts + shortcut based monetision is.

Add to this the emphasis on making EVE more casual, more in line with concepts and mechanisms from other mmo’s, Ryan’s old ST:O analogy as baseline for the model, and now what we’ve seen in Vegas.

EVE’s changing, as it always has. To me it seems that most of the frustration resides with the move away from EVE as an emergent dynamic, towards just another monetised game format à la ST:O. The change doesn’t mean EVE will be bad, just different.

But yeah, it will require player organisation to adapt, and to adopt fixed models. Less room to be different. More stimuli to fall in line with block structures, napoleontic warfare and Serenity type backroom deals.


Mobility is everything in war.
(Intel is second, because if you cant move your forces in time, you cant capitalize on intel)
The faster you can redeploy, the more unpredictable you are to the defender, the faster you can pull out, and the more opportunity you have to exploit a situational weakness in the enemy, faster.

Test of this is simple:
With absolute, instant mobility you can aggress anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

Mobility of force (misconstrued as projection) defines initiative and opportunities, utterly.

Exactly, which in human behavioural impulses translates into lesser diversity of conflict types and more impetus towards limitation of scale. Historically even a broad emphasis on conflict rules, even proxy planning.

In other words, the further the potential for lane projection is increased, the more impetus towards consolidation and conflict management.


What is all this discussion I thought jump fatigue was staying the same?

99% sure they have timers. The original idea was the standard 3 timers, but then they were thinking about reducing it to 2 to make them easier to kill. Looks like they stuck with the original idea.

There is no shield timer on upwell structures. You can hit shields whenever you want.

Rephrase: They were talking about removing the armor entirely, only shield and hull.

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Players used heavy brawling ships for small gangs and solo PVP time ago. Low-Sec and ‘close’ to 0.0 space is very polarized right now. There are groups like Sholupen, Snuff, Shadow Cartel, Siege Green, Handles, Purple Helmets, those with decent intel network - Ivana Ivana (which blows Capitals every week) in respective part of the map. I’ll not mention the big 0.0 alliances even. They began a tradition for hot dropping everything with not only a trivial simple small fleet, but a powerful combination of ships, like at AT: Marshals, Bhalgorns, T2 tacklers, Scimitars, Flacons, Ashimu. There isn’t an effective subcap active tanked brawler ship, which can sustain a blingy Bhalgorn pressure under some support. This motivates adventurers to search for new places and use more sniper and highly agile kitting fits. Even FW Black Rise is criticized for being a way too much gate camping and hot dropping Region right now and practically not FW or traditional PVP.

These Jump Gates, being unbalanced, can create the same effect for 0.0 SOV warfare. They can be an environment to transport powerful counterforces at any destination fast enough. They can move the ‘staging system’ at any point very fast. This will demotivate small or new alliances to jump into 0.0. For well established alliances this is good and veeery cheap. Other alliances will suffer from it like Legion of XXXDeath this summer.

Jump mechanic has special particularities. On short distances, which aren’t affected by Jump Fatigue, a Frigate has the same deployment speed as a Capital. Because of cyno. The Cyno on the grid completely deletes the big mass, low agility, low warp speed, low speed of a Capital by bringing high tanking and damage power at large radius. There isn’t a situation when you have to jump through a gate, align, Warp, fly, fly, land. In many planned scenarios, a low cap after Jump can be planned and mitigated. Short distances are those around your main Keepstar. This should not be allowed for long or very long distances.

In my opinion, only subcap fleets should travel faster at long distances and these user jump gates must be released after FAX OP fixes.

Recent changes to Jump Mechanics shows to us that CCP want to keep this 0.0 format for a very long time further. There must be current powerful and protected 0.0 alliances, their renters and few test sites in the West and East. Other alliances just have to join them from low-sec.

Is this good? Time will show us.


Faster Cap deployment and better projection.

Who thought this was a good idea, and why?

Remember when the was no jump fatigue and how everyone cried when it was introduced?

Now people are crying because it is being removed and reverting back to the old days.

This is just a further dismantling of Fozzie Sov, something that should have never been introduced in the first place.

Why should it be removed?

Jump fatigue was implemented for a good reason.

Nobody has explained how or why this is a good idea.

Fatigue was needed as groups like PL were third partying from tenal to impass; this coupled with the old style pos moon mining mechanics was just terrible.

Only people i see in this thread for the changes basically look like they just want more ease with which to drop capitals on people.

They just took nullification away from combat ceptors to make nullsec more dangerous… for interceptors i guess and now they are making it easier to move capitals.

Now they are making it easier for the biggest of eves ships to move around?

Doesnt make sense.

IMO they should probably have a cooldown timer on the gate itself, a bit like wormholes do. Probably only enough to fit a titan through maybe and then have a 5 minute cooldown period where nothing can jump… maybe even have different size gates.

But no, being able to jump 500 avatars and erebus from 1dq to fade in such short order is a bad bad idea, coupled with the fact that these can also be linked to systems in range of lowsec you will basically make it literally impossible for any other small group to do anything period.

And lets be honest here, this is about being able to do exactly that isnt it; its not balanced, its not right but hey…

was gonna log in, cba now.


A maximum mass capacity for a gate could be possible, after which the gate is destroyed, like a WH collapsing.

Or the gate requiring fuelling depending on how much mass passes through it.

Someone said the gates are about 1bil on SiSi, if thats the case, they are way too cheap for a permanent structure that has no limits on how much mass can transit through it, and no cost involved beyond the gate itself.