More content around stargates

Even though EVE is pretty massive it does at times feel pretty empty and stagnate, especially when traveling system to system.

I think it would be a good idea to add more content around gates. Content could include, asteroid clusters (like ore anoms), roaming pirate gangs (like a combat site), and relic/data/salvage. All of this would be around 150KM from the gate. Close enough to see, but you would need to fly a bit or warp to get there.


The reason I feel this would be a good addition is because it gets more players to be seen by other players while traveling through systems. This is good for general player interaction and is more interesting to view than an empty gate with maybe one or two ships trying to align.

This would be good for both PVE and PVP and possibly help meld the two more.

PVE wise I’d like it to have some more reward over regular combat sites and asteroid belts. Higher bounties than what is typically available and ore that is either rare or the 15% variants. Data/Relic sites don’t need to be scanned down. They can be let’s say up to five of these sites per a gate, and they can be multiple of the same type (all asteroid or half data half pirates).

The benefits for PVP are pretty obvious. Most fights happen around gates. It would be a good way to bring out more people for fights. They could also be in close range of there PVE friends if they are at the same gate and could immediately respond if needed.

Also would be a good way to meet new players, find recruits, and once they add advertisement structures in the game, this would be a good place to put them. It would be a hub of sort for all player types.

If anything at least seeing these in space would create visual variety.

My vision is when warping through space I might see mining operation taking place, or some players engaging an NPC fleet twice there size, or an exploration pilot trying his luck with hacking a data site.

What do you guys think? Tell me the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • This would be good
  • Don’t care much either way
  • This wouldn’t be good

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Feels pretty theme-parky to have sites bunch up near gates like that. I’d like to see where CCPs current plans of adding holographic structures to gates based on size and traffic volume.

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Well lore wise you can explain it as some space junk and asteroids make it through the gate is activated causing the collection of asteroids and debris fields.

And it is kinda like a replacement for anoms. Not all gates will have it or a lot at gate at the same time. Just sometimes it pops up and players can go and interact with it.

The lower the sec status you could get more “sites” per gate (or better sites).

Gameplay and Interaction wise, I see this as a plus. But I also do see your point as it might being kinda strange.

I haven’t heard about this? Have any links to more info on this?

Team Tri-Lambda has been exploring ideas around planetary traffic, billboards, and general purpose decorate holograms.


Wow, that looks super cool. Thanks for sharing.

I think this doesn’t necessarily conflicts with my idea. It is kinda like farms outside the castle walls.

But thank again for sharing the video. Watching the rest now.


Highsec has enough exclusive PvE content, and no one outside there would run anything that close to a gate. Ceptors would be on you instantly.

Well it isn’t exclusive to highsec. And it isn’t necessarily adding anything “new new”. People rat and mine in systems already. This would just bring it to the foreground. It would way to meet new players and recruit new ones.

Well it is risk reward. In lower security systems the better the reward (better/more mini site spawns). Also in null if you have a good intel channel up you should be able to the sites pretty safely.

And if your fleet is doing a gatecamp then you would be more protected than in an empty pocket by yourself. In fact you could fit your ratting ship with a pvp fit and be extra firepower for the gatecamp.

Also if nothing else, I would feel it would add some more visual variety between gates.

Like maybe just watching an NPC mining op, or npc pirates attacking an npc hauler. Stuff like that will make EVE feel more alive. More so if there are players doing it.

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150Km you say. Checks the range on the Naga’s rails… Yes you are in range…

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I mainly chose that range to be far enough to warp to a node off gate, but I guess a side benefit would be there isn’t any warp scrabble device with distance that long. But if they are AFK mining, go nuts.

I don’t know if that is in range of lowsecs gate guns? I think they are around 75 KM? That might need to be adjusted based on how you feel about it.

And it is risk reward. If you want to take precautions, have your friends on the opposite side giving intel. Check systems jump per an hour. You could probably find a quiet lowsec system.

Meh if anything it will make some killboards more green and others more red… More people in space is good overall though if it works.


This is not players problem that some gates and systems are empty.

Dragging them into somewhere is kinda non-natural way and will only heart the game. On the same manner dragging of people into low-sec and null-sec systems is also non-natural; and of course this is cause of some problems. The problem of specific players density in The New Eden and as result emptiness of some places is also has roots in the non-natural dragging players into low-secs and null-secs.

So the situation you described is from one side is not something that bear the problem but from other hand is a sympthom of bug existing in current organisation of gameplay.

We have to reject any non-natural mechanisms and restrictions. Give more freedom to players. The game needs in more vital and constructive mechanisms that will refresh it.

The problem with this idea is that the sites would either be irrelevant or suicide. In highsec it would be safe to run them (if you don’t get out-competed by all the other people), but because of the risk vs. reward tradeoff they would have to be very low in value. So, just like no sane person runs highsec relic/data sites unless they’re a week-old newbie, they’d provide a few moments of entertainment for new players in their first days and be ignored by everyone else. In lowsec/nullsec they could have a higher value, but being right on top of the gate means that if a PvP threat jumps into the system they can instantly warp to you and tackle you. Without the distance buffer that existing sites have who is going to take that risk? Maybe people would do the relic/data sites, since you can do those in an expendable frigate and make money in the long run even if you die often, but doing the combat sites would be suicide.

Disagree strongly. “Dragging” people into lowsec/nullsec is the natural progression of the game. Risk vs. reward dictates that if a player insists on staying in the zero-risk space then they should be limited to the lowest rewards, and progressing in the game should require moving out into the more dangerous areas where higher rewards are justified (and where the vast majority of EVE’s content exists). You can’t literally drag them by force, but they should find their progression stalled until they give up the near-100% safety of highsec and start earning their future.

The concept “Risk/Reward” is not the complete and perfect to ba a base.
There’s also concept “Personal contribution value/Reward”.

It isn’t complete, of course, but it is an essential part of EVE. No risk, low reward. If you want to stay in highsec with 100% safety then you get the lowest tiers of content. It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into it, you don’t get a participation trophy for spending lots of hours mindlessly farming zero-risk content.

You are contradicting yourself but your observation is accurate, space is vast and mostly “empty”.
There is not enough dark matter to be found, to “fill” a baby spot in space. EVE is in space, not 5th Ave New York City.

Load up T1 hauler with expensive stuff and slow boat it to Jita, boom gate content generation !

This already happens though. And to passers by, it is a pretty interesting thing see. Makes the gave feel more alive. More so than an empty gate with the occasional aligning ship.

Most player interaction happens on gate, it would be nice if the game made it a mini hub of sorts. No one is going to stop by at the sun to interact with other players. They’ll either continue to the next system or stay in their anomaly, mission pocket, or asteroid belt

If anything it adds more visuals between systems. Would be cool to see a ship wreck with salvage and data containers floating with it.

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