New Content Ideal

Re-open the Eve Gate

-Would be like wormhole space but with gates (Black Out but no sov.)
-More Valuable resources then null sec
-Find that the old civilization had destroyed itself or abandon the area (Lots of Relic sites to find answers).
-At least 3 regions in size

From here you could do all kinds of nifty things, maybe we trigger an alarm of some kind and find the area isn’t abandoned. New Race, New Zones with the updated art work, would be cool.


I have always hoped to see the Eve Gate open only to the first player to find a way through it, and actually patch the client through to a floating drone that flies around the CCP office letting them shoot little pickles at the devs.
And that would be “officially” winning at Eve. Finally.
I don’t get out much.


So, you just want more isk/h? Maybe start playing the game not only look for better opportunity to grind?

Only 3 regions?

Would more be like : 30 BILLION regions…

The milky way has 250 billion stars…3 regions would be a complete joke compared to the reality…

Don’t compare this 5000 - 7500 Eve cluster to a whole galaxy…complete other game :slight_smile:

An INVASION through the eve gate on the other hand by a human race without the devolopement break that even the jove had…:slight_smile:

This would be fun to watch…i mean the cluster would be wiped out,but as long as it lasts it would be fun :slight_smile:

What’s wrong about grinding…Pearl Abyss is the master of grinding and they own CCP :slight_smile:

Shooting with food is wrong to the core :slight_smile:

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yes, but for one reason alone, you go through the EVE Gate and it deletes your charactor, biomass in style. :slight_smile:

so WH space.

why? plenty of Valuable resources already exist, creating new space just for this would take from the space that already exists, and as things go right now, CCP is pushing to limit resources to some degree.

to what end ? humans left earth and went where? we already know that, they went through the EVE gate and wham! here we are in new eden.

it’s not a bad idea, just not a great one, don’t take offence, just saying how i’d see it and its just my opinion.

Is that what we ALL do doo everyone grinding something in the hopes of something or a goal, even PVP players grind others to show off their shiny KB?

Trolls. Yes. Players that just enjoy game don’t give ■■■■ about KB.

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Ah crud wrong character. Oh well.

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3 regions isn’t enough and they should recast some of the supers/caps to roles specific to the new areas, like colony ships that can travel without a gate or a cyno.


Now this an idea I can get behind!

More content is always fun, I like it.


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