Dont start a new server. Open the Eve Gate!

Here is food for thought.

What if we “Open the Eve Gate” back to the home system? How much has it changed? What technologies have been invented? What new places would there be to explore? Mysteries to be solved?

Just entertain the thought: We find a way to open the Eve Gate but it is only large enough to fit a corvette through? No matter how many skill points you have it would be like starting over mining or ratting in a corvette! New content and new NPC factions. It would be a fresh start for players who never experienced the beginning of eve.

We could have it where you would have to gain reputation with Factions in order to gain any Concord like protection when in their space. The security of the systems could be dependent upon your standing with those NPC factions. Just make it when you build standing with one faction will reduce your standing with other factions regardless of your activities. of course there can still be Player owned space. There could be a new currency system as where later on down the road there could be a costly conversion option!

It would be a race of epic proportions. All this could be accomplished without dividing the Community and having the ability to jump from one area to another if you want to come back through!

Just an idea. What does the eve community think? Suggestions?


Total extinction probably. Eve Gate was a salvation to Earth’s (and Solar system’s) resource depletion and overpopulation.

And lore-wise its kinda hard to “open the gate” when it was a wormhole that collapsed/ceased to exist long before empires/factions were formed and matured.


We don’t know what would be on the other side.
The terran technology was ahead of our current tech over 13000 years ago .
We also don’t know how the wormhole colapsed to begin with it could’ve been done deliberately from our side by the first colonists to gain independence back then .
Our cluster is still full of resources and we know terrans were agressively harvesting resources in the Milky Way.

Now put two and two together we can’t resist a terran force we don’t even know how it’d look nowdays .They’d simply brush us aside to get all the resources they want and maybe even slaughter us all.
Heck they may even be on their way to us in giant cryo-ships going at FTL speed knowing sooner or later they’ll get here and beat some sense into us


No, go away.


Cool idea!

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Because who needs constructive answers anyway.


If the drifters can artificially create wormholes why cant we figure out how to do it?

Whoever was left would have found a way to survive! Just like New Eden did after the gate was closed. Break into factions fight over resources and what not.

Maybe got knocked way back in tech during this time.

For example the Library of Alexandria was burned down and it set us way back as a species.

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Lets keep this conversation and idea building growing. I think this would be great for the game as a whole.

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With the downward trending population of New Eden, expanding space is the last thing we need.


Eve gate was destroyed.

Can you ride the Hindenburg today? Exactly.

It would be stupid.

People would bring over blueprints for mega-death structures that would 1 shot a dozen titans in a 5000km AoE around it, that only cost 10 tritanium to build.

Why would NPCs care about you when youre flying massively out-dated ships?

They would be more inclined to just exterminate you, because you couldnt possibly offer anything other than slave labour.


Id prefer the devs fix this universe, before they go off to another universe.


But why would we need this?

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Better idea that’s not punching waaaaaaaaaaaaay above our weight class: let us into the full expanse of the Abyss when the Invasion ends, so we have a whole new cluster to explore. Give that space new rules as you like, but seriously, all we need is more space. It’s okay to start small.


Well, I’d sit on the gate in a smartbombing Rokh and pop the billions of corvettes that are filled with BPOs, lol

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Oh look, it’s one of these threads again.

I like the basic premise of the OP’s idea.

However I think having Jove space open up would be better. Since the Jovian Stargate system went offline, Capsuleers would have to build new Stargates in order to explore and travel deeper into Jove space.

Accomplishing that would take time and allow the Dev’s time to code lot’s of cool content. I think in the very last Jove system we find another Eve Gate.

Basically it’s the other side of our Eve Gate. The Eve Gate just took us from one side of the universe to the other side.

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Except New Eden isn’t “the universe”- it’s a star cluster, and relatively speaking, not a big one by any measure.

Jove Space is also significantly down the road from where we are now- Jovian tech has been revealed behind-the-scenes to be Fifth-Tier (T5) technology. We Capsuleers have only barely reached T3, by integrating the rudiments of Talocan and Sleeper technology into some of our own. So, Jove stuff is still a significant jump above us.

Reconnecting Jove Space is definitely something in our future, but we haven’t built up to it yet. We aren’t ready for it.


Inb4 sunsetting event is CCP devs being ancient hostile race blowing everything up in an extinction event.

Oh, definitely. Calling it now, if EVE ever closes, the Jove are coming back to kill us all.

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Wow, you actually missed the whole point of my statement. I never said anything about us using Jovian Tech, even though we do currently use Clones and Capsule Technology which is Jovian Tech. I don’t know where you got the idea that Jovian Tech is Tier 5, if anything it’s Tier 4 and Triglavian Tech is Tier 5.

Also when I used the term ‘Universe’, I was using it loosely, not literally. Since that’s all you fixated on, you should probably take another look at Eve Lore.

New Eden is a Galaxy that contains various Regions consisting of numerous Star Systems within multiple Constellations.

The Eve Gate temporarily connected New Eden to the Milky Way Galaxy.

All the different Factions in New Eden can trace their origin back to Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.