New regiona and content

Was thinking. How about a whole new universe with new regions and factions. New ships, new modules, new technology. A whole new expansion of EVE. Something new to explore.
Connected with the New Eden with a wormhole. Like a wormhole secret path.

Why? I think the whole current regions from high sec to null are already dominated from different alliances and this is not giving space for others to grow and expand on their own. It will give the space and the oportunity some players look for.

The question is: What CCP thinks of this, I want to hear their reply. And if it is achivable or not.

Ive seen alot of “DDOS attacks” during these massive titan-keepstar battles and game instability the last few days. So I guess making a whole new universe would be even more hard to keep it up, so I dont expect it to happen.
Just giving an idea, CCP may feel free to ignore or close it.:thinking::thinking::thinking:

A single word: Trammel


Just googled it up. So a new server comming up.
Guess it cold work.
Was thinking more of region expansions of rather than a new server. Anyways the carebears should be happy with the non pvp server

-1 your idea is to create new and abandon the current space which would cause everyone to move to the new space and do the exact same thing causing nothing to change player wise but leave a server in tatters because reasons.

How are the coalitions able to move in the new regions since there will be a weak wormhole connection which divides them. They will stay where they are stronger. EVE is an old game. The strongest groups has already set their territories.
We need more space and oportunities for the individuals that want to grow.
The connection between New Eden and the new universe is meant to allow small groups and individuals to pass theough it. Thats why it has to be a WH gate, possibly collapsing from time to time. Limited time to pass. Once you go in it will be hard to go back.

So 1000 alts from the old alliances will go through and curb stomp anyone and everyone and claim this new space as there own because it’s only a matter of time before you can’t bring any more ships through.

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Not sure what you found, but Trammel was the most horrible nightmarish thing ever done to a game.

Never heard of it, nor have any idea. Just googled: Trammel Eve Online. And saw smthing like a non pvp server thingy.

What makes you think that new stuff will prevent this from happening again?

There are many who want to hear from CCP. 99.9% chance your thread will get ignored like every other. The Eve forums are generally just for Vitriol-filled players to say things and get attacked by other Vitriol-filled players who disagree with them. CCP knows this, and rightly spend most of their time away from these forums.

I still belive in my dreams :stuck_out_tongue:

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