New high-sec, low-sec, null-sec regions please

I’m surprised that the Empires haven’t discovered and colonized new regions of space. Non-lore-wise, it’d be nice to have new space to play in. We’ll see if Jita remains the center of the universe after adding new space to the game.

Why? So space can be even more empty and un-used?


New space isn’t needed when we’re so spread out already.

However, there have been times in the past when CCP have re-aligned stargate connections. I wonder if it woudn’t be more interesting to see a shake-up of the existing topology than a simple slapping on of new systems.

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Agreed. I’ve seen in another game the unnecessary expansion of territory, and one could practically see the tumbleweeds; and as the server population declined, it became practically like playing a solo offline game, only even those have more bustle even if only due to NPCs providing the “population”. What was needed there was more “vertical” development (more depth, in other words) rather than lateral expansion (breadth.) Quality, rather than quality.

Not sure if eve will give you quality over quantity but i agree with you… now if only CCP will listen.

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One can have both quality and quantity, but the preplanning and execution need to be good. As for the person above mentioning ‘empty space, unused’, I’d have to wonder if it’s a personal maxim that every element of the game have fierce competition? That’d just frustrate most players away.

Nah, more regions to explore and exploit is what I’d like to see.

It’s nothing like a personal maxim. It’s simply counterproductive diffusion. CCP likes to design their game around player interactions. Common sense would dictate that dispersal of players among a greater number of systems when the player count is/was dwindling is not the best idea. At least, not until players can shape the topology pf the new space via player stargates, if CCP ever gets around to implementing them.

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Actually, I can see implementing the player stargate areas AND adding new regular systems to null/low/high sec.

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And this is why drugs are bad, m’kay kids?

look at a map dude…there is sooo much empty NS and LS…many WH’s are abandoned as well

No, space is empty enough already.

And why is that ?

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I think OP just has something against Jita.

The thing is, there are vast regions unexplored. If you spread out, you can find vast swaths of empty nul, low, and hi sec. You just have to take the risk and time of getting there and back.

If we had more regions, Jita would get busier - it’s the hub in a hub and spoke trading system and it will take a massive disruption to change that.

In a sandbox game where content depends on player interactions, I don’t see CCP making deliberate changes that would reduce player density - they’d also be reducing the density of their paychecks!

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yup. and until they address the reasons for that, no pint to adding more to it. they won’t though because in order to address many of the reasons they would have to make serious changes that would affect and piss off the current NS empires and they don’t have the balls for that.

Edit: You know, actually, if they were to add just a couple systems, not a whole lot, just a few, with different mechanics in it that do address some of this stuff from the ground up, then I might be up for it. Otherwise no. It’d be intersting to see how it plays out in the long run.


I think NPC NS could perhaps be “blinged up” a bit.

Not sure how, but its a lot of space that’s pretty “vanilla” atm.

I dont mean in terms of rewards necessarily, but perhaps some work on the Pirate/Drone mechanics there to add some flavor.

All empires need super-stargate. The technology is already there (pre-Jita).

There is no reasons that empires doesn’t expand their area of influence with such strength.

Super-stargate? What do you mean?

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