Creating a Null sec region without local or a worm-hole 'region' instead of just systems?

I know that’s one oddly expressed topic header… but when I was reading about complaints and observations from those that liked life without local in K-space, I was wondering whether a null-type region without local available would be an interesting idea… or maybe a region in wormhole space that contained gates between J-space systems, but just for that region. Some former WH folks did mention the aspect of having to scan down entrances and exits to be their main complaint about WH space.

We get those threads about ‘the end of local’ in K-space, and the reply is sometimes ‘Go to a Wormhole’, but I rarely see a return answer to that. So would an area or areas where there was no local, was effectively null-sec but none of the entrance/exit scanning pain of Wormholes, would that be more fun? Of course, for the ‘predators’ to have fun, there’d have to be a reason for ‘prey’ to enter those systems.

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Let’s skip the argument of EVE does not need more space. The problem with your idea is… It’s not really flushed out. We need more details. Would it be a wormhole cluster of space, accessible only by wormholes but containing gates between systems inside? Or would it be nul where there just is no local?

Would it be NPC space with stations may be or could a group claim SOV and say make Supers in the cluster for their use? Would cyno’s work? If Nul with no local, could you cyno in from outside this area? If WH space with gates could you cyno between systems inside the pocket?

Would it be pirate NPC space, sleepers? Someone new? Ice belts? What type of anomalies and cosmic signatures would be present?

I think you need more details on what you are envisioning before people can say they would head there or not because it’s too loose a concept right now.

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