Need more real space in lowsec and 00

For a long time I played this game. 8 years. In the last 5 years I have lived only in wormholes. Only wormholes are real space. Why? Because there is no local. The game in wormholes is multifaceted, and the cosmos is realistic. You need to use a scanner, you can be invisible and use spy tricks, ambushes and defend yourself with these techniques.

Only without locale I can find the game content associated with the risk of a dangerous space. The cosmos must be a cosmos. Cold and dangerous. Now the lower sotors and zeros are high sectors without a concord. No more

Otherwise, the game becomes boring. Even social interaction and contractual battles become not interesting. The game will not be unique.

It’s time. Close the locale at zeros. Enter a delay in the display of the locale of the lower sectors. Leave the locale in high sectors and systems, which players can build themselves in zeros. It’s time. And I will try to play for another 8 years



Ok, right after we get autopilot to 0 and loot ■■■■■■■ everything without opening the can options.
Oh and i want letting my drones repair me as well, while we’re at it.
P.S. For clarification: above are not suggestions, but rather exapmles of CCP most idiotic fails in game system.

I’d like to see local disappear from non empire space.

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EVE has been unique, not boring and full of social interaction for the past 15 years with Local everywhere but W-space. What has suddenly changed that made all these hunters and campers suddenly too incompetent to hunt in systems with local? Intel tools and intel bots have been used before and no one complained that much about it in the past. Have all these hunters become the same as their prey: whiny, self-entitled little crybabies?

Again: Local does not need to be removed to create more interesting gameplay. What EVE needs instead is more population - and by population I mean people who are not crybabies like OME or many of the PVE players, but actually competent people.
Personal opinion: If I do not see what is in local or enters local, I will be less likely to present myself as bait for a hunter. I will dock once the intel bot noticed something and wait or join a blob fleet to make your hunter days as miserable as possible. In contrast, however, if I see what is in local, I am very likely to give you a nice fight after a days of culling worthless VNIs. That is simply because I know if it is worth my time to do this or if it is just going to be an unenjoyable culling of myself without any gains for myself. And I really don’t need the latter in this already hideously tedious EVE.

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W-Space is just a resource cache, it is not a waypoint to trade hubs or otherwise traversable through normal navigational proficiency. If you really want to get rid of local, you are disrupting play at its most profitable form.

A new set of solar systems that requires Capsuleers to have to build star gates to access would be the next logical evolution for Eve Online.

Specialized Sov mechanics and indexes would allow the Sov owner to determine the security status of the system ranging from 1.0 to 0.0.

Systems from 1.0 to .5 would have a Faction Police Index that would increase the presence of the chosen Faction Police based on the Sov owner’s choice. As long as the index is maintained then the Faction Police would respond accordingly. At the lowest level of the index the Faction Police would take 17 seconds to respond to criminal activity in the system of a .5. At the highest level of the index for the same system the Faction Police would take 12 seconds to respond.

Mining and manufacturing would be the norm for a year or so to help build the expanding Capsuleer infrastructure up.

NPC’S you ask?

With NPC’s already possibly occupying the new found systems they would obviously go into hiding while they watched and learned about the Capsuleer. Some of the NPC’s would approach the Capsuleers offering them missions that would include mining and manufacturing items for the NPC as well as combat missions attacking NPC pirates that are attacking the neutral NPC’s.

Running missions for the Neutral NPC’s and destroying the Pirate NPC’s would also boost the index of the system.

Eventually the Faction Police would be replaced by Faction Police drawn from the members of the new NPC factions encountered once the necessary index level had been achieved.

Wouldn’t mind if maybe the edges of the map in nullsec drop a few sec status’s maybe below -1 and these systems get infested with stronger npc’s and as a side effect those npc’s place a disruption on local, would give all region’s on the edges some better space but at a cost with a story line if the cards are played right :p.

Would be better if no structures can be built in these area’s so that locals living near go there in that space to pve for better isk but have no local as safety, more risk but more reward as well.

What about based on infrastructure or sov?

NPC-owned space (also in null-sec): instant as usual
Sov space: speed depending on how good the infrastructure is - but more like seconds rather than minutes (with an option to improve speed by building something - modules in stations, hubs, etc.) - maybe even selective (sov holder, standings, …).

But no local at all in null would certainly be very interesting as well - it could be tested first via a cosmic event interfering with local. Yes, or NPC entities, Makshima.

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Yea an event that turns off local in only certain systems at a time with some pve content there will be a great way to test things. People only complain because they have never tried it.

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Solar Flares-like phenomena could be the way: in some null-sec or ‘marginal’ low-sec regions nearby null-sec, there are random wormhole-generated flares which disrupt temporarily the electromagnetic equilibrium. Communication become impossible for a while, then the local remain mute for… let’s say… from 40 min to a whole hour.

The interesting part is the concept of ‘two different’ kind of low-sec… one must be aware in which ‘low-sec’ actually is…

When this happens, you know…It’s time to start something new there…

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Yes to Local intel delays.
No to the “Observation Array” proposal.

which one? That “local” would benefit null dwellers only?

The actual CCP proposed one, and also all player sourced ones.

Local intel is a sector mechanic.

Any player structure that achieves the same would negate the purpose/effect of changing Local intel in that sector in the first place.

the wormhole cosmos is realistic.


You want no local -> no problem, just stay in WH.
You want no concord -> no problem, just stay outside of high sec
You want no bubbles -> no problem, just stay in low sec.
You want to force players to live only one way -> NOW WE HAVE A PROBLEM

Eve is OK becauyse it offers different environment, most of us can find the place, they agree to play in. Do not force players to do it your way.


Explain why Player NS has Local intel, exactly the same as HS?

I call complete BS on this, and in this case the BS does not stand for BattleShip. Simply because The recent disruptions in local chat have already proven you and yours exact opposite. No local was fragin awesome. Not only did it work but it was a ton of fun for both hunters and those of us that get hunted, since hunters were actually easier to avoid for those of us who actively play instead of just semi-afk or full blown afk farming. And no, WH is no where near the same, not even by a longshot so don’t even try.

I think the only people who defend having local in NS or LS are either bots or those that play like bots (multiboxers, afk ratters and all that sorta shit) or associated with them, have them farming for their allainces, cap fleets, etc. So there is a ton of trolls to be expected. Hell, I’d expect most of any of the big NS entities to troll this, starting with goons, then go down the line since they’re the ones benefiting from and botting most in the game.

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Considering how non-problematic local was just about until a year ago, your statement is utterly unfounded and only shows how terrible contemporary hunters and campers are. While PVE has become ridden with AFK ships and bots, hunters have not fallen behind this and become just as AFKish and bot-like. Any challenge you display is decried as blobbing and unfair. Every character docking and not delivering themselves to a swarm of ceptors or other ships is called a coward.

Considering how many billions still die every day and week in null sec, local does not add significantly to safety for anyone who is not already vigilant. Grabbing AFK carriers, rorqs, VNIshtars, Myrmidons and other ships is utterly easy if you are a competent hunter. I see it every day when I raid Delve or Fountain or Drone Lands. Despite your decried local chat, I can contribute to destruction ranging from 10-30B every evening with a nice medium sized assault fleet. The reason why we manage that are competent hunters. Get some for yourself. Hunters are not easy to avoid if you do not pay attention (ie. are AFK). Only incompetent hunters and campers insist that local needs to be removed or altered so that they can compensate for their lack of skillfulness.

Thank you though for proving my point about crybabies. :smiley:

Stopped reading at “Only wormholes are real space.”

Seems to me its nullbears crying against this.

Cant you survive without HS level Local intel?