Local is probably never going away in NS

The ratting in the safety of local gets a little silly at times in ns. One neutral jumps in and everyone is insta docking.

Local isn’t going away, I’ve accepted that, but what about a class of ships that cause the player to be invisible to local? They still show up on d-scan and can’t covert ops cloak. Their tank and dps would be a little weaker than their counterparts as well.

Would the howls from NS bear corps kill an idea like this?

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What about making docking up lose you something? IMO the problem is not intel, but the consequence free reaction to it.

Would it be a horrible change, it it were possible to implement, for local to delay displaying changes for anything between 10-30 seconds?

Eh, nvm. Sounds dumb now that I write it out.

The wailing-and-gnashing-of-teeth from null was enough to have the watchlist killed off, it would definitely be enough to kill this.


You lost your tick or something along those lines?

Tell that to the people who keep dying all the time in null sec. I mean. just look at this or this or this, or the sheer endless flood of dead VNIshtars.

Maybe it is your lack of competence that lets people get away from you?


The bears dying in NS are afk player most of the time.

And you want to turn null sec into something that gives AFK people an even bigger chance at survival because they will have local but you will not. They will have their observatory array structures giving sov holders local chat, or bot alt scouts on gates telling their intel who and what enters a system. You are naive if you think without local your job as a hunter would be any easier.

Well no. Yes they would have gate intel, but there are these things called WH’s. And the the entire premise of my suggestion was ships that do not show up in local, so no the owners wouldn’t see them in local unless they actually use d-scan…gasp

Null sec does not need local removed or special ships that cannot survive the first gate camp on its route. What null sec needs are in general more people active there, roaming there, not joining CONDI or HORDE or TEST, for starters. It needs more groups there that do things with and against each other without simply overwhelming the tiniest bit of resistance. That’s what Null sec needs to become more dangerous …

… and this is especially what neither CCP nor most current players there are not interested in.


It’s okay to admit you use local as a crutch. You’re among friends.

You can’t /thread yourself.
I will do it for you.


Sometimes you get lucky and find “sleeping on keyboard or watching porn” targets, easy kill.

Sometimes you dont.

RL balances that stuff out imo, so no need for local removal, or delayed (maybe).

That some people afk somehow justifies Local in NS, isn’t much of an argument.


Err, it does, since it evens out the odds of a successful ambush kill, which is inherently the whole point behind the local removal idea ?

Doesnt even anything out.

Players will AFK just as much without Local.

The whole point is that Local means everyone runs away the second someone non-blue initiates a gate jump to the system or drops out of a WH, except the afkers.

Without Local, they wont, even if they arent afk, cos they wont know you are there.


meh, it’s pretty easy to find sleeping targets tbh, since a kill is what the roaming party wants…

Anyway, I would be ok with a delayed local at least, like 45 secs or so, would sure do the trick, or perhaps even some sort of deployable device scouts would put down in specific systems that would add such a delay, ie: a scannable deployable just like depots, you’d have to destroy or would run out of fuel…

Plenty of ideas out there to make NS more interesting

But it would also apply to you. Your local would not populate until you are in system for 45 seconds as well. Otherwise, you are giving free Intel to one set of people (those entering a system) but not those active in a system.

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I like that idea. That seems pretty balanced.