Need more real space in lowsec and 00

Hmm… dont like local.


Close it.

Done. You are now playing without local.

I would love to see local disappear from the game, entirely.
At the very least from null and low.
But the RMT cartels would never ever allow local to go from null, given how their early warning systems work.

But CCP did ever see the light about wiping out local, then I think the only fair counter to that would be to remove cloaking from the game. Now, I am sure the RMT cartels would then create scripts that auto-DScans, but it would definitely shake the game up.

If it takes removing Local intel from everything, so be it.

They would be smart to agree to Local intel delay instead.

The “Observation Array” proposal is ridiculous with its map data scrambling, cloak detection, disrupted d-scan and disrupted ship intel. It must never be allowed to happen.

Wow the devs mess up the chat system for one day and we get a year of remove local posts.

Personally the only time it is appropriate to remove local is when someone says they need to stop afk cloaking.

If you want to call it that, I don’t care. What I care about is the additional level of tedium that removed local means while I do not get anything better in return. At least in W-space you have incredible income potential for the lack of local.

There is no HS level local or Null sec level local. It is just local chat. It creates a level playing field for every participant and does not give any one an unreasonable advantage or disadvantage. Everyone sees everyone and this has never been an issue. All the complaining just demonstrates that, while hunters and campers regularly belittle and decry the AFKishness and stupidity of ratters, they are now not better than those if they now, all of a sudden after 15 years of local, also need crutches to be able to play “their game”.

I do not agree at all that local should ever be altered from its current form. Changing it would only cause more issues than it solves or improves for both sides. Only the not-smart say that local needs to be removed so that they can play “their game”.

No, Local intel, and Local chat are distinct.

No, there is no difference between HS and Player NS Local intel, or chat.
Player NS and HS Local intel/chat are exactly the same atm.

Should have it been a bug it would have been too stupid. Instead, it was an expedient to try something new for real, LOLz.

Why remove cloaking?

It is useful for so many reason aside from ganking.

From a lore perspective, the capsule transponder signals to the gate operators, your presence in system, so no matter whether you arrive in system by gate, jump to a cyno or through a wormhole, as soon as your transponder can communicate with the gate network, you are registered in local, because right now, players don’t own the gates. They are run and crewed completely independently, even in sov space.

Once Corps can own gates, we might really see changes in how that intel is made available and to whom (or who, I never get that right).

From a mechanics perspective, simply that the chat system is not tied to system security or system ownership. You have it anywhere in k-space, because there’s no relationship at all between chat and the system.


What about the people who dont wont to play in low-sec and 00… I have only played in WH a couple of times and not really into PVP I prefer hi-sec, missions and mining

uhm, WormHole space does have local.
Try using it sometime. it works trust me.

No need for the gate operators to share that information with the system, or instantly.

Sure, but it’s what the game actually does. That’s the lore reason behind that decision by CCP.

If they change it, then i’m sure the lore would be changed alongside that too.

Doesn’t really change the answer to your question though. It’s just the reason why.

The Local chat and Local intel are two different mechanisms.

This is demonstrated by Local chat working in WHs, without gates.
Thus we can deduce the Local chat is not associated with gates.

You can deduce whatever you want.

In wormholes it’s delayed specifically because there are no gates, but it doesn’t stop our pods transmitting signals if we choose to.

There is no delay on chat in WHs , that I am aware of.
Its as instant as everywhere else.

There is Local chat, however, without gates.

Thus Local chat is not associated with gates.

Ok, why doesn’t that surprise me.

Immediate mode = you appear in local chat immediately
Delayed mode = you only appear once you post something

This is going the typical dumb Salvos direction. Just because you understand a term to mean one thing, it can still (and does in this case) mean something specific in EVE.

I’m out, because this is already stupid at this point.

Knock your socks off with your continued ignorance of game mechanics and terms.

Local chat, and Local intel are separate mechanics.

Local intel is tied to gates, as you explained.
Local chat is not tied to gates, as demonstrated by WHs.

Local chat operates the same everywhere. If you enter text in it, all players in system receive that transmission and your name, instantly.

There are also universal chat channels, to which players can transmit and receive, no matter where they are, including WHs.

Nope. Same thing:

There is no such thing as local intel. People use it for this purpose but its still not an intel tool. You can kill someone with a pen, but a pen is not a weapon, no matter how you use it.