Do you want local? Vote!

Do you want local to be removed from “low&null” sec?
You want it to stay?

  • I think local should stay!
  • I think local should be removed!

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Looks like all the other threads about issues with local etc have been locked.
Will post here
@CCP_Falcon and @CCP_Fozzie
Hey Guys I am sure you are looking into the issues.
One thing I noticed is that all my player intel channels display everyone that is registered for that channel.
Before however they only display a member registered when they type some intel and then would disappear after awhile.
Perhaps this could be contributing to the issues with lag of local etc
Just a thought. :roll_eyes:

Perhaps have another option.
I think local should be displayed if there is infrastructure like a comms network in system.
No comms no local.


All Jita spam bots must die.

Local for LS and HS. NS and J-space nope.

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That is actually pretty intresting idea. I think the comms network should be constellation wide and perhaps you could hack it to remove local for few mins

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I am amazed actually how many people like local…
I just think it makes game boring as hell!
Just check local chat… hostiles come! -> Dock up immediately and log off.

You can pick both options when you vote.


I know, I couldn’t figure out how to change the value to 1 vote only…
Anyways, u can either stay neutral or vote against one…

You mean the great idea that the sov holders should have local but roaming gangs should not see local? Has been brought up time and again and it’s a super great idea to dismantle a level playing field for everyone into advantaged and disadvantaged players. Exactly what you want. Not to mention that the followup suggestion with the hacking of the comms structure to disable local is not going to work in most cases because of capital and super capital proliferation. Try to entosis something in Delve, Fountain, Deklein or so. Once you have tried that, then come back and tell us about your experience because this experience is what you will get under your system.

Local has to stay, otherwise it would provide an unfair advantage for gankers like CODE to swarm into a system with being noticed.

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What about the gameplay/in-game mechanics?
D-scan, scouting on gates, protecting your space with spaceships?


get lost

LOL that’s actually brilliant, but it would need a few hacking point’s maybe 2 or 3 that can’t be placed inside anom’s.

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I dont agree with Local Enabling/Jamming structures.

The sector either has Local, or does not.

Local is a sector mechanic, not a player mechanic.

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Can you also make a vote for nullsec only that local gets removed.

This, but its too late.

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O so many old friends would rejoin if CCP made removing local official, the very thought of it is amazing!

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This makes me wonder how carebear infested this forum really is.

The forum is just a cross-section of EVE.

What you should be wondering, is how carebear infested Player NS is.