K Space without Local

Create a region of K Space with delayed local. Highsec, low sec, null sec connection. Actively ban bots & broadcasters in this region.

CCP humour me on this place please. The upside is you’ll populate a region and actually attract customers. To neigh sayers a.k.a botters, don’t worry you don’t have to go to this hardcore region its fine.

There are bots in wormholes aswel tho.

If it has delayed or no local it is a WH - these already exist in abundance.

Two ways that turns out:

1: The stuff in there isn’t worth going after. Space is dead.

2: The stuff in there is worth going after. It’s taken over by a group which can throw 9999999 caps at a problem.


If you disagree with my horrible idea you must be a bot. Great way to end your little idea buddy.

Nothing about that sounds hardcore btw It sounds like the idea of someone who wants the conveniences of null without the hardships of WH life. I don’t even know what to say about the botting/broadcasting bit since those are banned everywhere though CCP could streamline the process for everyone’s sanity.

No. Go away.

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Just a normalish region, it would have the same problems as any other k space region except this region would be heavily & actually policed against bots. The delayed/no local would provide some emergent game play for the 3 types of K Space there & it would also kill 90% of ratting/miner bots anyhow.

If the region gets swarmed by actual players then cool, if not then meh. Nothing ventured & nothing gained at very little expense to CCP. I new region like this without botters would make me spend some of my hordes of Plex.

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