Can we make null-sec regions more accessible?

There are a lot of null sec regions that people simply cannot logistically reach in any real manner without daisy chaining cynos. It’s fine and dandy to have it set up that way but it has set up a current meta where normal players who want to go roaming and or hunting botters, simply cannot reach their destination without being intercepted by some other entity along the way.

I’m not complaining about the content here, I’m hoping we can maybe at least make NPC null sec have lowsec or high sec gates to make those more accessible, and it would be nice if all the null sec regions has some kind of access point through empire space.

Once you’re in these deep regions of null sec it’s really hard for people who aren’t apart of some null sec bloc to even interact with you in any meaningful way.

Regions that would be nice to have acess to:

It would just be really nice to have more options accessible to players interested in making someones life difficult in x region.

Access them via wormholes, which will be fine for most ships (bar the really large ones)

Drifter wormholes tend to be easiest. Also hoping for a FLEX structure that can support roams.

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