Star gates and Local chat mechanics

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Just a thought, which might have been already expressed by others, for a long-term development:

  1. Star gates register capsulers’ travels in and out of a system.
  2. Travels of capsulers using wormholes are not registered by star gates (yes, capsuler stays registered in previous local chat until they are registered by another star gate).
  3. Claimable null sec systems have no star gates by default.
  4. Star gates in claimable null sec systems must be constructed first (Player-Owned Star Gates - POSG).
  5. No claim is required to construct POSG in a claimable null sec system.
  6. POSG requires an Upwell core installed to become online.
  7. POSG uses fuel blocks to be operational and connected to another POSG.
  8. POSG uses isotopes for travels through it.
  9. POSG fuel and isotope consumption is based on the route distance between two POSG’s in light years (fixed fuel consumption) and mass travelled through POSG (variable isotope consumption).
  10. POSG uses Pochven-like mechanic for standing-based travels.
  11. Player can freely set standings required for using POSG.
  12. Player can freely set the route from one POSG to another POSG (fixed fuel consumption is the only limiting factor).
  13. Player can freely set max mass limit for one travel using POSG.
  14. Player can turn on and off travel registration setting of their POSG.
  15. POSG settings can be temporary disabled by hacking-like method (the action can be repeated).
  16. POSG can be destroyed.
  17. POSG has one or several timers (timers and hitpoints shall be lower than of existing Upwell structures for the sake of tactical gameplay).
  18. POSG use Upwell-like repair mechanic.
  19. Wormholes from K-space to K-space spawn more frequently to balance the absence of NPC star gates in null sec systems (wormhole connection table(s) must be re-adjusted)
  20. I-hub has an upgrade to reduce the frequency/chance of k-space wormhole spawning in a null sec system.

Possible consequences:

  1. Null sec corporation can influence mass and travel routes in their claimed systems.
  2. Null sec living space will be more compact and player-active because of the number of POSG’s to protect.
  3. Delayed local chat in null sec space will promote to have a higher situational awareness (d-scannig, etc.) similar to living in w-space and t-space.
  4. Delayed local chat and more frequent wormhole spawn will make cover ops, stealth attacks, hit&run tactics and espionage more vital and feasible.
  5. Cyno’s and portals will become a more important gameplay feature.
  6. Other consequences and content found by creative players.

How do you get there the first time if there are no gates? Hope you get dropped into an empty system by a wormhole or filament?

Yeah, wormholes. Their connections are more structured than they may look. Signal Cartel knows it better :slight_smile:
So ‘mapping’ is an option.

And how do people travel the gates that have no access to them? With your suggestion, you can just create an almost impossible to reach region of space with loads of farming potential and nearly no risk.

So a null empire can have their own ‘Pochven’ that nobody except people with +10 standing to them can travel through, unless they happen to find an incoming wormhole?

Way too much of a home defence advantage, this would become the safest of safe spaces in EVE!

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Wormholes, cyno jumps, cov ops cyno jumps, mobile cyno jumps, bridges, gates hacking (from my suggestion), other ways, which more creative people will definitively come up with.
It’s a team-oriented game, not solo.

Except for wormholes and maybe filaments (which I included into my “near impossible”), none of your suggestions can get into systems if they don’t have gate access. This has nothing to do with solo or team play, it’s outright not possible and feasible.

You always has a defence advantage in your ‘own’ system. That’s why it’s called ‘home’. And that’s why it feels so rewarding when you manage to get someone evicted.

For ‘nobody except people with +10 standing’, I mentioned ‘gate hacking’ in my suggestion. And it’s only one option.
The safest place is true, which may become a ‘nightmare’ trap to those who get used to that safety too much (cyno → hot drop → gates disabled).
Once again, it’s a team-oriented game, not solo.

Maybe it’s not a thing anymore but in the past corps, especially null sec ones, were known to have spies, with cyno.

Gate hacking is worthless if the people owning the gate know that you do it, which in turn means you won’t be able to do it as they can just come through and get you. You don’t need to watch a ton of gates. All you need to do is watch strategic gates that lead into certain areas and that you can easily cut of and watch. Dead end constellations, dead end constellation swarms, regions with only 2 entry points and so on and so forth.

None of the other options are any way feasible or reasonable.

Evicting is fair, because wormholes function the same for everyone.

What you are suggesting is not a wormhole eviction, this is going to be a null region with star gates that can only be used by defenders, while the attackers are stuck with the sporadic wormholes.

That’s a massive defender advantage.

Ok, I’ve got your points. Thanks for your feedback!
Much appreciated. It’s my first ever attempt to make a post on EvE forums :slight_smile:

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Keep at it!

It’s an interesting idea and just because one part gives a lot of defender advantage doesn’t mean the entire idea is bad! :wink:

The issue I mainly have with it is:

If you can somehow make the defender advantage (free travel anywhere while the attackers cannot) less oppressive, it may be a nice suggestion!

May be kind of a new module, call it “Gate Protocol Override”, that uses isotopes (or anything else, up to new PI product) to completely disable Gate standings as long as overriding ship is not destroyed and has isotopes/required ‘fuel’ for the module in its cargo hold?
And of course attackers or just those who are passing by use star gate isotopes, defender’s ones, to make those jumps :slight_smile:

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